Highlights From CCC Presser
1 April 2023
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PRESS CONFERENCE: Today, we successfully held our press conference where we shared our candidate selection template with the members of the media fraternity.

CCCPresser Community members who have signed into our citizen membership database shall be consulted to nominate their preferred representatives for each category in their respective communities:

Member of Parliament:
Proportional Representative:
Provincial Councilor:
Youth Quota:

The candidate nomination process will commence on Wednesday, 5 April 2023.

We urge all the citizens across the country to participate in this crucial process which is in line with our philosophy, “Citizens first, Citizens at the centre”.

Citizens must be at the center of national conversations and processes. #CCCPresser

CCCPresser The candidate nomination and validation process shall be conducted by an independent body, Independent Candidate Selection Panel (ICSP) which consists of independent and permanent members of the local community.

CCCPresser Nominees, whoever they may be will be given the opportunity to either accept or decline the nomination.

In the event of more than one nominee being selected for a single position, a consultative process will take place within the community to come up with a single candidate per electable position.