7 Splitgate Tips You Need to Learn Right Now!
3 April 2023
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Splitgate combines some Quake III Arena features with a few mechanics from the portal to dish a perfect hybrid version of the two games. As a free-to-play multiplayer game, Splitgate can trap you in your seat for hours with excitement and thrills.

Splitgate is quite tricky to win if you’re not familiar with how things work. So, we’ll share some tips you must learn to enjoy Splitgate. Also, if it’s your first time in Splitgate or you want to level up your skills, buy the best Splitgate hacks.

Tips to Learn Now

Check out some tips you should learn right now!

1.    Portals Offer Diverse Use Cases

Using portals in Splitgate goes beyond travel purposes. You can use portals for spy attacks, CCTV monitors, and more. In Splitgate, gold and purple are the two portals you can use on the holographic panels. When you place your portals appropriately, you can travel across the walls. However, you must know the difference between enemy portals and your team’s portals.

Red portals are for the enemies, and they’re usually traps. But a smart player can take advantage of them against enemies. The blue portals are for your squad. You can access the portals with ease.

2.    Closing portals with grenades

In Splitgate, grenades serve not only as explosives but as ideal EMPs to abolish the enemies’ portals. You can destroy the enemy’s escape route with your grenades or trap him in the portal.

Let’s assume an enemy is escaping through his portal and you know the portal’s exit,  launch a grenade at that point and lock the enemy inside. Also, you can use grenades to close your entrence, preventing enemy players from entering them. 

3.    Finding the weapons spawn location

Splitgate comes with a weapon spawn system where different kinds of weapons appear one at a time in different locations. Knowing where to find the available weapon within a given spawn time can make a difference in your game.

When a weapon spawns, an illumination lightens them on the map, making them easy to see. Always survey the environment before rushing for the weapon. You could die if an opponent is coming stealthily for it too. If another player grabs it, you’ll have to wait 150 seconds for another weapon to spawn.

4.    Flanking through portal routes

Flanking through portals is one of the most effective tactics you must learn while playing Splitgate. It helps you kill more and win several fights in the game. However, you must be careful because you could find yourself amidst two or more enemies that would spoil your show.

One trick you can pull off here is the spy attack. To do that, place your portal in an open environment where the enemy would see you passing through it. They must come after you; as they jump out, you can knock them out in no time. Also, you can throw a portal under your enemy’s feet and give them a free fall.

5.    Triple Portaling

Learning how to make triple portals in Splitgate is a trick you need to learn early. Normally, players can make two portals in the game (A and B). The third one comes when you pass through one of the first two portals. For instance, if you place portals A (yellow) and B (purple) and pass through A (yellow) first, your third portal, C, will be yellow.

Understanding the color pattern is important as it can ruin your travel through the portals. Triple Portaling will aid you in traveling longer distances faster with less risk. You can now travel from A to B to C, doubling the distance and making you pop out quicker. This trick will come in handy for escaping sticky situations.

6.    Race training

Race training is a vital tip to know if you want to learn Splitgate’s map quickly. You’ll be able to understand the maps’ layout, discover the blue wall spots, and explore the environment in the game.

You can find the “Race Training” option in your screen’s “Training” section. Select the map you wish to start with and proceed. You can jump, run, and portal anyhow while picking the balls.

7.    Surviving in a fight

Surviving in a fight is an ideal tip you must learn right now. If you’re in face-to-face combat with an enemy player and run out of bullets, swap your weapon instead of reloading. The little seconds it’ll take you to reload can be your end.

Also, if you’ve been hit several times while in a fight, simply make triple portals and escape before anything else. With these tips, you can survive several fights in Splitgate.


You must learn as many tips and tricks early on to make the most of the game. Start by using portals the right way and for many situations. Then engage in race training to understand and explore the environment easily. No matter what, don’t forget the weapons that spawn in the game, and always utilize triple portalling tricks.