Sikhala Told To Wait For Return Of Magistrate On Maternity Leave
22 April 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri|In what many have described as pure travesty of justice, CCC deputy chairperson Hon Job Sikhala’s trial has been delayed because the presiding magistrate is on maternity leave.

Hon Sikhala’s trial has been postponed to May 4, 2023.

In a statement, Transform Zimbabwe leader, Jacob Ngarivhume called for the immediate release of Hon Sikhala.

See the statement below:

Job Sikhala, your trial magistrate is on maternity leave so you wait for her!

I was at court to cancel my warrant of arrest issued two days ago. This is after I failed to attend court because I had a breakdown on my way from a funeral.

I then attended the Job Sikhala matter which was remanded to May 4 at 11.15AM. I had earlier on gone to visit Job downstairs. I enjoyed seeing the fighting spirit still full in the him. It looks as if there is nothing they can do to break him.

When he appeared before the magistrate of the day, what got to me was that he was asked by the prosecutor whether he was informed when the trial magistrate would be available to continue with trial.

His response was I don’t know she is on maternity leave so I have no idea when she will be back.

The matter was then remanded to 5 May to see if she will be back then.

What this means is that Sikhala remains in custody until the magistrate gives birth, recovers and comes back to deal with the matter. I mean this is gross miscarriage of justice! It’s disgusting.

Meanwhile millions worth of gold has been stolen, none of the culprits has appeared in court. The court is seized with persecution of political prisoners! What a shame.

I met a police officer who told me that countless armed robbers were granted bail in the last week. Some of them had murder cases committed during the armed robberies. They were granted bail and the police are busy trying to track them for they are on the run already.

Sikhala is a distinguished citizen, eminent lawyer, honourable member of parliament but they can’t grant him bail! What a joke!

As I was leaving court I was meditating deeply on what we need to do to deal with this regime. They have no shame.

My conclusion is we need to step up our fight. Or else they completely run the nation down.

Jacob Ngarivhume