Gold Mafia: Mnangagwa Must Resign!
24 April 2023
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We as CCC youth change champions, we call upon for the resignation of Emmerson Mnangagwa because of his role in facilitating gold smuggling and money laundering as revealed in the Al Jazeera documentary, Gold Mafia.

The documentary uncovers gold smuggling and money laundering activities by cartels closely linked to the First Family and the President’s Office.

Mnangagwa’s niece Henrietta Rushwaya, a queen of the underworld gold dealings is cited as one of the protagonists in robbing the country billions of dollars in this scandal. She is not new to controversy having been court with 6kgs of gold at RGM International Airport but was never convicted.

Mnangagwa’s Ambassador at Large, whom the streets have christened “mbavhassador” is also at the centre of illicit financial flows and gold smuggling.

Mnangagwa himself is presented in the documentary as the archbishop of criminal activities around looting of the country’s mineral wealth.

We as CCC youths, we condemn Emmerson Mnangagwa’s criminal abuse of office and call for his immediate resignation as the Head of State and President of the Republic.

We also call upon the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to arrest all criminals implicated in this documentary starting by Emmerson Mnangagwa himself.

To the suffering masses of Zimbabwe, our message is that we have a patriotic duty to stop criminals from looting our natural resources.

The streets await!

Stephen Sarkozy Chuma