Sithule Tshuma’s Own Lawyer Confirms She’s Fraudulent
14 May 2023
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The UK based property scheme ringleader, Sithule Tshuma’s own lawyer has expressed affirmations over revelations that her Mthuli Ncube supported Qoki program is totally fraudulent, a term publicised by one of the founders.

Writing in a WhatsApp group, Zibusiso Ncube, connecting to another lawyer’s findings, sounded concerns only over what he said is “panic” that the ZimEye news piece causes. He went further to narrate that there is no malice whatsoever in the article, adding that his only disputation is what he terms ‘a design to defame,’ not the factual contents revealed in the Friday night piece, an investigation conducted over the last 3 years now set for litigation in UK courts. Zi Ncube’s opinion, connected to that of another lawyer who managed to obtain a USD6,000 quick refund from the Qoki company.

The lawyer writes to ZimEye stating as follows:

I just wanted to comment on this story. I’m based in Australia and helped my mother exit this scheme some time last year. I’m a SA trained lawyer based in Australia, when my mother who’s based in Australia as well, who had opened up to me about investing in this scheme, particularly buying a piece of land I became very suspicious and asked her to share all the documents she’d been given, they looked very suspicious and did not detail any sale of land at all. With the assistance of my Zim based colleagues who are lawyers, I obtained a combo at extract of the Qoki company that had purported to purchase this land and I discovered that the directors were Sithule and others. My mother and none of the members of that scheme were shareholders, so I then started to question the basis upon which they were entitled to the land in the absence of a shareholders agreed or any memorandum of understanding setting out the initial terms of this transaction.

I reached out to Sithule who was very aggressive and I then immediately told my mother to withdraw from the scheme and obtain her whole investment of approx US$6k. I wrote a letter to Qoki via Sithule and their lawyer; it took about a week or two to get the money back. Thankfully, all of it was refunded.

My other suspicions on the Qoki schemes were that it was a ponzi type scheme, which also flagged some potential money laundering concerns.

I’m glad this has finally come to light. I wish I could have had the chance to tell you guys about the story then but I didn’t know how or who to report this to. What upset me was looking the whole Qoki and Sithule business on Facebook and seeing how they kept luring people and people genuinely believed in it.

I’m happy to provide you with a detailed account should you wish a formal comment on this story.

Many thanks


By Investigative Correspondent | Fraud, fraud, fraud: title deeds that never come, and shares that don’t even exist – A UK based property scam went on for 5 years while being advertised as a multiple-director run community organisation, when it was just a single person’s business, that traps buyers through ‘the instalment-concept’ in the place of an outright purchase. (video)

Sithule Tshuma with Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube in London

The entity popularly known as “QOKI ZINDLOVUKAZI GROUP C.I.C” was no CIC at all, and clearly no multiple director entity, contrary to what its owner Sithule Tshuma claimed it was. (A CIC under UK law is a community interest company).

Running the Julian-Condlife-consulted entity using bullying techniques synonymous with church cults, the NHS nursing practitioner managed to convince hundreds of “investors” to believe her claim that she was running a community interest company, when the entire joint was just a private business designed to routinely squeeze out more money under the guise of never-ending development expenses, as victims would be made to pay more after their full figure has been settled.

So deceptive was the program that even one of the Qoki founders, popularly known under the alias, Ndaba Nhuku owned up to ZimEye, saying his own siblings would never buy property through Sithule Tshuma’s Qoki company, a development that’s seen a group of some of the best UK solicitors describing the scheme as a scam, just as they now offer to assist pro bono.

The story starts around 2016 when a (self-acclaimed blesser) UK based fraud accused lawyer, Julian Condliffe, and a nurse, Sithule Tshuma were running a property-lure venture advertising saying they were empowering women or blessing them so that they get their first title deeds.


Fast forward to 2017, Sithule Tshuma would start the formal company, flanked by the so called “investor, property solicitor, blesser,” Julian (Julie) Condliffe, and Tshuma’s male colleague, who is the so called Ndaba Nhuku (not real name).

The organisation was launched on 22 April 2017 under the expertise of property solicitor, and so called investor, Julian Condliffe who announced promises using religious language that the recruits were to be blessed or empowered by her (Julian Condliffe).

Condliffe also provided expert training to the several female attendants at Crowne Plaza Hotel, in Manchester City.

Julie Condliffe and Sithule Tshuma launching the Qoki Property Investment Program together on 22 April 2017. 

Sithule Tshuma would soon start claiming that the company has numerous directors. She would also claim that purchases of land done by her company will have undergone due diligence processes, which was not true. Anyone who questions or requests for clarity would and continues to be bullied and labelled titles such as ‘an enemy of progress.’

As a result, hundreds of investors are now facing an uncertain future without either title deeds or ownership-paperwork having paid over lumpsums to try securing their promised investments. The total prejudice runs in the millions of dollars. Each investor paid amounts between USD7,000 and USD70,000 per person.

The first group of several “investors” has listed areas of deception by Sithule Tshuma, being:

1. Fake Community Organisation advertised as so when it is just a single individual’s property. While Sithule Tshuma displayed her company under the prefix, CIC, which title is reserved only for companies with at least 3 directors or trustees, she also proclaimed saying she has many directors on her board when there is only one, herself.

2. Incomplete or skimpy contracts that were only signed by one party, that is: “we signed contracts adhering to payments, however, the company or Sithule did not return the signed contract to us,” as said.

Evasive answers – anyone who questions and requires for clarity was quickly shut down and on social media bullied using the term, ‘an enemy of progress.’

3. Running coordinated bullying on social media while failing to answer simple questions over products asked by a broadcaster, Ezra Sibanda. Sithule Tshuma ran various bullying campaigns against people asking her simple questions, requiring a yes or no answer.

4. Diverting conversations from Ezra Sibanda when they could have been handled there., and taking out on another journalist who was not even working on her stories. Is that normal behaviour, and not a fraudulent one?

5. 3 years later, why have you not publicised clearly to these customers that the products they are buying into are not divisible, and that they also stand to lose all their money in the event of loss of life?

6. Why are investors, who make inquiries of clarity on many of these unclear things being punished by being removed from WhatsApp groups, if it is not to bully and subdue their will power?

7. Are you not running a cult that’s simply enslaving its members?

Properties bought over the period 2016 to 2023 are still to be issued title deeds over to the buyers, and anyone who complains is bullied and harassed while being regularly ordered to pay money for land development and maintenance.

They include:

Nondwene 1 96 Ladies
Nondwene 2. 89 ladies
Douglasdale 1. 46 ladies
Douglasdale 2 82 ladies
Douglasdale 3 – 38 ladies
Douglasdale 4 – 65 ladies
Esigodini plots 20 ladies
Esigodini Girls high 36 ladies
Riverside 80 ladies
Qoki school 30 ladies
Qoki Plumtree Services (had 44 in May 21 when I left )
Airport road plots 1
Airport road plots 2 (24 ladies plus Sithule Tshuma)
Qoki Hotel and Golf Course, 50 ladies
QokisDale Nyamandlovu Farm, 52 ladies
Qoki Trucks, 24 investors

Qoki Truck investors seen here celebrating, what has become a traumatic investment as the Truck project has seen bankruptcy. Truck investors spoken to advise no dividends were given even during the time when the business was booming.

Qoki Synergy

Hwange Filling station 46 ladies.
Plumtree Filling station 30 ladies.
Qoki Butcher and bakery.
Qoki Market.
Qoki Lamanzi Borehole.
Qoki South Africa Bank 20 ladies.
Qoki Coaches 30 ladies.
Qoki Express Grocery.

In her audios, Tshuma continued to claim that her property purchases undergo the due diligence procedure.

A content audit of audio messages by Sithule Tshuma impressing investors to pay up for land purchases, reveals rapturous high-pitched repetitions of the following cluster of electric/emotive statements, tucked at the end by a non-conclusive that tries to insulate them by saying, “it’s entirely up to you what you do with your money.”

The cluster of electric pitched up to [A# Minor, and D#Minor] repetitions contain such as follows:

Our solicitors (lawyers) have done background checks…we don’t buy dodgy land… all we want is land… each person gets title deeds for their land… it takes roughly about a month… then that’s when subdivision begins… we are buying land together… but it will fall under Qoki… all the land will be used up…
we work with the council… we check title deeds prior… this is private land that we buy and then we subdivide… you shouldn’t contact the seller, because others have done it and then we’ve lost the land in the end… so it’s entirely up to you to trust us… we don’t buy dodgy land, the land is checked, everything if its good land, that’s why we work with city council, if its dodgy land you don’t even engage the city council, they won’t just going to build… thina, we work with city council, thats ukuthi… u town planner, who works at city council, everything is done city council, by abantu e city council… so, but I am not going to give you (details) of who is the seller because our lawyer has done that because I don’t want a situation where I tell you who is the seller and then we end up jeopardising the land… ”

LAWYER’S FRAUDULENT ASSURANCE. Sithule Tshuma’s lawyer Zibusiso Charles Ncube in the conversation would at the end on his own assure buyers that per Tshuma’s words, he has truly done background checks on a piece of land owned by a ‘White guy’, indicating that, after paying the full purchase price they are going to get the Title Deeds which they (buyers) however still do not have to date.

Even the very title deed for the farm land, is still to be delivered 2 years later, as the one the lawyer supplied on 22 April 2021 was invalid, according to the Deeds Office.

Using religious terms, Zibusiso Charles Ncube posting an audio message in the WhatsApp group said in full on 1 Jan 2021, “Good evening ladies, the sun is set where I am, and I can safely say, happy new year; we want to thank the Lord for bringing us this far, it’s been a very tough year, but look, the Lord has been gracious and is still gracious, and I pray that He gives each and every one of us a prosperous, and definitely better 2021;

“Alright, Nondweni ladies, we made another instalment payment today. In terms of the subdivision of the property, we ate into the seller’s property, I think we ate into the seller’s property by 7 hectares.

“But he is an understanding guy.

“He is a fella that I also go to church with, he is Adventist.

“He is understanding, he is excited by the way we actually handled the transaction and is actually even considering selling off the entire property onto us, so with Nondweni the next stage is once we complete the instalments, and we pay the purchase price in full we shall move on now to take title (deed).

“Remember this is needed this what do you call this? A Certificate of No Present Interest, Mr Majoko the seller’s legal practitioner is handling that; I will touch base with him in the turn of the year, probably in the first week, to ascertain how far we have gone, I think we had given him up to the end of January, to procure that document, but otherwise i think we are on course.

“I believe there are surveyors who are also on the ground, they should be able to give us updates in terms of what they are doing, but otherwise I am happy with the way that we are progressing, let’s continue united as we are, and very soon we will be through. Otherwise, well done ladies, let’s keeping on!”

My own sister I told her don’t buy this kind of land

However, commenting over the development, Ndaba Nhuku told ZimEye, the Qoki method is neither reliable nor credible. He said: “… all the people who go to Qoki they opt in as individuals, they are not forced. There is no coercion, like in a church. You are asked you want to buy land, you want to buy land, you are told, this is what is available guys. Do you want to join? They join on their own.

“In land, there will be 10. 10 women. They won’t be many people.

“So, it’s not as straight forward as people who come to you complaining, whether they are 100 or what. They just want to use you, if they use you fair and fine. And then people like me will come and defend Sithule.

“Because Qoki, I founded it, and I know the principles behind Qoki. I am the founder of them, just like I told Ezra. Qoki is my baby, when I defend it I defend it knowing what is happening inside it, and knowing what. My own sister I told her don’t buy this kind of land. Go and buy your own land individually, because this land takes long to divide, the council wants you to meet certain requirements and its exhausting for an individual to make it. And all those people were told that we shall do this, do this, but they like paying small amounts, yes small amounts come with so many tags, it becomes exhausting, for people who don’t have resources who work. So, in a nutshell this is what happens with land bought by groups…”

Meanwhile, Sithule Tshuma who is on record declaring that her company is a community interest entity that has different directors, did not comment. On 1 April 2021, Tshuma, in a WhatsApp group with her lawyer Zibusiso Charles Ncube, said in part: “Even if anything had to happen to me, God forbid Qoki is an organisation with different directors. It’s a registered organisation with different directors ladies and it’s well known that Qoki is you people not an individual thing or company or whether its got different directors. The lawyers represent Qoki, not an individual, if I am making sense.”

It is this falsehood that has woken investors up following the initial investigation by VOA journalist, Ezra Sibanda.

Meanwhile, Sithule Tshuma’s lawyer Zibusiso Charles Ncube who continued to act as a sales advocate for her, repeatedly stressing a claim that Miss Tshuma is not at all fraudulent in her business so investors must pay all and any new charges forced on the investors.

When Ncube was asked by ZimEye, he reported back via phone saying the clear contradictions between Sithule’s claim to organisational structure and reality, are empty allegations being raised by the media. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW.

Zibusiso Charles Ncube has since been reported to the Law Society Of Zimbabwe.