David Coltart’s Name Disappears From Voters Roll
29 May 2023
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Former Education minister David Coltart and his wife’s names have disappeared from the voters roll in a move that is likely to put the credibility of the whole 2023 electoral process into doubt.

Posting on Twitter, Coltart who was just coming from a voters roll inspection centre said his name, his wife and youngest daughter were all missing, adding that he has always been voting at the same centre for decades.

“I have just been to the @ZECzim inspection tent at Burnside Garage to check if my name is on the voters roll. It isn’t! I have lived in my current home since 1986 & have been registered at Burnside for decades. I am a citizen & former Cabinet Minister. How can this be?

“My wife and youngest daughter’s names do not appear either. If we have been moved to another polling station we haven’t been advised. But I doubt that is the case because my checks on the national roll through *265# have been unsuccessful. How can we all have been removed?

“Whilst at the inspection center the presiding officer told me that numerous other people can’t find their names. Only 445 are on the Burnside roll – against what should be a figure of 1000. So hundreds have been removed at this polling station.

“The whole process is shambolic and shameful. @ZECzim is exposed as an incompetent, brazenly partisan body. There can be no free, fair or lawful election with this nonsense,” said Coltart.