BREAKING: Qoki Expert Julie Condliffe Loses GBP56,000 Court Case
31 May 2023
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This is the Birmingham County Court where the Qoki Founder, Legal Expert, and Property Pro World Director, Julian Condliffe has been found liable in a lawsuit for selling property that doesn’t exist.

Julie Condliffe was reported to ZimEye in May 2020 in a development that unmasked her program as a syndicate the most prominent being the Qoki Zindlovukazi Investment Group that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has described as a fraud which diasporans must beware of. People who sell Zimbabwean farms are fraudsters, insists President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

While the first victim back in Zimbabwe, was refunded USD6,000 by Sithule Tshuma in 2021, today’s applicant, walks off with their full GBP56,000 being paid in full by the Qoki Founder, and Property Pro World owner Julie Condliffe.

Today’s is the first case ever in the UK, also now set to slap criminal charges on the Qoki/Property Pro World Directors just as they repay their victims, whether outside or inside prison.

Qoki/Julie Condliffe’s entrapment method uses the instalment lure as she and Qoki make their victims believe they will get real individual title deeds at the end of their monthly payments, all money they could have easily saved for themselves so they can buy the property outright on their own.

After the full amount has been reached, Qoki and Property Pro World will start throwing their victim from one office to the other, producing fake or invalid documents of assurance, and the process goes on for years until the victim has either passed on, or given up, or both. They are even told the only guarantee they’ll be given is not for their property, but for death, literally. [AUDIO-VIDEO]

“I think the guarantees that we have are that we will die.

“That’s the one guarantee that I know.”

Between today and the 18th June, victims of both Qoki and Property Pro World are now meeting to get the two scammers arrested in either UK or Zimbabwe, where they could easily flee.