First Black Mayor Of Corby Finishes His Term Pass On The Stick
31 May 2023
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | Three years ago the citizens of Corby gave councillor Tafadzwa Chikoto the great honor and opportunity to serve them as councillor deputy Mayor and Mayor.  On the 30th of May 2023 he gave the reigns of leadership to another councillor in a democratic manner as he thanked the Corby community and all of thise who allowed him this extended opportunity to serve Corby. He thanked them all for their exemplary citizenship that has allowed Corby to become a finer, more just, beautiful and livable town. Mayor Chikoto made history as he became the first black Mayor for Corby. His term was packed with drama and pomp. Surprisingly few Zimbabweans in Corby teamed up against Chikoto trying to bring him down. He was being accused for having met president ED MNANGAGWA when he visited Zimbabwe in one of his holidays.



The attitude of the Zimbabweans in UK who mostly belong to the opposition CCC was appalling and disappointing.
Through his perseverance Chikoto showed people that
the job of Mayor is a very personal one in that the responsibilities are not abstract or theoretical, but rather direct, specific and intimate – the responsibility for the safety of the community at home, at work, on the streets, for neighborhood parks to be safe, beautiful and active for children’s play, for garbage and trash to be neatly collected, neighborhoods peaceful and tidy, an economy bustling to benefit livelihood, a town growing in fiscal strength and fairness, the inspiration of the arts accessible to all, lovely and positive civic spaces. Chikoto Snr ought to Corby reasoned optimism for the future, to serve in times of crisis, and so much more.  Inspire of the detractors Councillor Chikoto served his town with diligence and serious commitment.
“It has been a historic & great honour serving as the first ever black Mayor of Corby Town.” Chikoto said.
Chikoto acknowledged the rich Corby community. He stated that he has met with a lot of extraordinary people within Corby celebrating together their achievements.
As his passion from the begining Chikoto as a mayor
managed to raise a lot of funds for his chosen Charities like Lakelands Hospice & Sure Start. He promised that his work for Charity will continue even after his term.

It was a great opportunity to advocate for young people in Corby through levelling up to get better access to health, education, apprenticeship and Jobs. Hikoto added
Attending The Corby Pole Fair was a momentous occasion and indeed a chance of a lifetime as it is only done once in 20 years. A short film was made to mark this historic occasion and this was archived and will be taken out a few years before in preparation for the next Pole Fair in 2044!
Moving on the former Mayor who is also passionate about opportunities and development for ordinary people will look into creating links and investment opportunities between UK & his home country Zimbabwe.
Mayor Chikoto said in attending to his responsibilities, has had the opportunity to hear from people their letters, emails, phone calls, at City Council meetings, meetings in his office neighborhood association meetings, civic organizations, or coming out of the grocery store or church, walking down the street and so many other encounters.  “In this process, a most wonderful thing happened to me.  Through those thousands of ways of communicating, I got to know you, feel and appreciate your goodness and get to understand your hearts’ wishes – and that has been a priceless treasure.  It has inspired me to work harder, to do more and do it better, and to never give up.  So in the totality of my work, it never became remote, was never a statistic or poll number, but was always personal, the happiness and well being of each of you, every citizen in our town” comment Councillor Chikoto.
“Through all of our encounters and communications, I also got to know your hearts; that is, what you would find most fulfilling, what would enrich your lives and the lives of your children, what would make you happy and proud of your Corby.
And then together we undertook to turn those aspirations into reality.  Whether it was seeking to make our town more just and welcoming for our African British brothers and sisters and achieving their full participation in our local government and community or whether it was making our city safer and more livable, Whether it was being named the UK’s most desirable destination or place to live.  Or whether it was attracting new, better jobs and creating businesses for our communities, these achievements we accomplished together.  Many became embroiled in controversy as Inwas battered left right and Center by my own people. I assure you all that those are losers who never want to see progress and development. I am proud of the majority of Corby people who had faith in me regardless of the onslaught. My collegues in the Council my mentor and those who worked in the background. I say thank you”. Councillor Chikoto added. But what kept me going, pushing, having the resolve not to give up was that I had gotten to know your hearts, and I knew that if the goal was achieved, the project or initiative completed, your hearts would be fulfilled and it would make you happy and proud to be a citizen of Corby.

Mayor Chikoto did Zimbabwe proud and did so much more.  He gave of himself in countless initiatives.  For a country in a democracy has the wonderful opportunity for citizens to form partnerships, create new institutions and programs, care for the poor and homeless, enhance our children’s education, protect open lands forever, strengthen health clinics and empower neighborhoods, assist senior citizens, mentor little children and much more by just being a Mayor thousands of miles away from home.
Despite detractors Chikoto showed that the freedom of a democracy does not produce a selfish people but rather it enhances the natural human instinct to be generous and help others. Many children and youths were helped by Chikoto and he opened doors for those who were closed out by colour bar.
Chikoto said his secret was that he was always guided by the standard of excellence.  “That is, we have the responsibility to seek excellence in everything we do.”
Mayor Chikoto showed that the long march for racial understanding and justice is not finished. But in addition to that we must do more and work harder to better understand, love, care for and respect each other.
But even though his time in the Mayor’s office and serving Corby will be over, the memories will never leave us they will nourish us every day of our lives.
Tafadzwa Chikoto did us proud He did Corby proud. And above all he is a true son of the soil he did Zimbabwe proud.

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