Mnangagwa Bribes Judges With Houses Ahead Of Elections
7 June 2023
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By- The Government has granted substantial housing loans to all judges ahead of the national elections due in two months’ time.

According to reports, an impressive sum of US$400,000 has been allocated to support the housing needs of these esteemed individuals.
While undoubtedly raising eyebrows among citizens, the decision has sparked intense discussions and debates within the political landscape. With elections looming on the horizon, critics and proponents alike are eager to dissect the implications of this move by the Government.
Some argue that the timing of this housing loan provision appears suspicious, suggesting potential political motivations at play. Skepticism surrounding the timing undoubtedly adds fuel to the fire of speculation, as it coincides with the upcoming elections. Concerns have been raised about the possibility of influencing the impartiality of the judiciary during this crucial period.
On the other hand, supporters of the initiative maintain that the housing loans are a well-deserved recognition of the judges’ indispensable role in upholding justice and maintaining a functional legal system. They emphasize that providing a secure housing arrangement for judges could help ensure their continued commitment to serving the nation with integrity and dedication.
As discussions unfold, the public awaits further clarification from both the Government and the judiciary on the rationale behind this decision. Transparency and accountability are crucial in ensuring public trust in the judiciary and its independence from political influence.
Ultimately, the impact of these housing loans on the upcoming elections and the country’s judicial system remains to be seen. As citizens exercise their democratic right to vote, they will undoubtedly consider various factors, including this controversial move, when making their choices. The electorate’s decision will ultimately shape the future trajectory of the nation and determine the extent to which the judiciary’s integrity is upheld.