Mnangagwa Loses Military Parrot To Kasukuwere On Day One
7 June 2023
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Military Whistleblower Declares Support for Saviour Kasukuwere, Threatening Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Grip on Power

By Farai D Hove | In a shocking twist of events, Godfrey Tsengamu, the key figure behind the 2017 military coup in Zimbabwe, has announced his support for Saviour Kasukuwere, potentially marking the beginning of the end for President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Tsengamu, who gained prominence as a whistleblower during the coup, has revealed that his political party, FEEZ (Freedom Fighters Economic Emancipation Zimbabwe), will back Kasukuwere’s candidacy in the upcoming 2023 elections, ZimEye reveals.

This announcement by Tsengamu represents a significant departure in ZANU PF politics and poses a severe threat to President Mnangagwa’s hold on power. It comes at a time when the incumbent leader has been steadily losing support from state institutions and the ZANU PF elite class, commonly referred to as the “deep state.”

In his statement released on Wednesday morning, Tsengamu clarified that his party, FEEZ, will continue to exist independently but will throw its support behind Kasukuwere in the forthcoming elections. This move is expected to galvanize support for Kasukuwere and weaken Mnangagwa’s political position from within his own party.

The decision to back Kasukuwere, a former member of ZANU PF and a prominent figure during the Robert Mugabe era, is seen as a strategic maneuver to undermine President Mnangagwa’s authority. Kasukuwere’s potential candidacy has garnered substantial attention, particularly among those disillusioned with the current administration, as he represents an alternative to the status quo.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, who succeeded longtime leader Robert Mugabe after the 2017 coup, has faced mounting criticism over his handling of the country’s economic challenges and allegations of human rights abuses. The revelation of Tsengamu’s support for Kasukuwere adds to the growing discontentment within the ruling party and raises questions about Mnangagwa’s ability to maintain his grip on power.

The endorsement by Tsengamu, who played a pivotal role in ousting Mugabe and initially supported Mnangagwa’s ascension, is likely to resonate with disenchanted members of ZANU PF and the general population. Tsengamu’s insider knowledge of the party’s internal dynamics and his reputation as a whistleblower could prove instrumental in mobilizing support for Kasukuwere.

As Zimbabwe heads into the 2023 elections, the political landscape is set for a dramatic showdown. The emergence of Saviour Kasukuwere as a formidable challenger, backed by influential figures such as Godfrey Tsengamu, has the potential to reshape the country’s political future. Whether this alliance will succeed in toppling President Mnangagwa and ushering in a new era remains to be seen, but it certainly marks a significant turning point in Zimbabwean politics.

Writing on Wednesday morning, Tsenengamu said though his party will remain as is, it will back Kasukuwere’s candidature.
“FEEZ remains intact as a political party. We are just backing Kasukuwere’s candidature in the 2023 election,” said Tsenengamu. – ZimEye