Chiweshe Suspected Murderer Continues Reign of Terror, Leaving Gruesome Trail of Violence
8 June 2023
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By A Correspondent| In a shocking display of unrepentant violence, a Chiweshe resident suspected of murder and currently out on bail has once again found herself embroiled in a horrific incident. This time, the accused allegedly bit off her colleague’s tongue during a heated altercation, adding to her already notorious reputation.

The disturbing incident unfolded at a local night club in Chiweshe on April 27, where Grace Trinta (34) and her co-accused, both recognized as commercial sex workers, confronted their fellow colleague, Perpetual Lumber (26). Gripped by a deep-seated grudge, the duo mercilessly assaulted Lumber, with Trinta’s fury culminating in a bite to her cheek and a horrifying act of biting off her tongue.

Yesterday, the matter came to light during Trinta’s appearance before Magistrate Joshua Nembaware at the Concession Magistrates Court. Despite the overwhelming evidence against her, Trinta pleaded not guilty to the assault charge. However, the gravity of her actions prompted the magistrate to remand her in custody until June 21.

This latest incident serves as a chilling reminder of the accused’s reign of terror, as she continues to engage in acts of extreme violence. With a murder case still pending against her, the community is left in shock and disbelief, questioning the effectiveness of the justice system in dealing with such individuals.

The assailant’s ability to evade capture, aided by the darkness that cloaked her escape after the assault, raises concerns about the safety and security of the local community. Authorities must act swiftly to ensure the arrest of the co-accused who remains at large, preventing any further acts of violence.