Abusive Boyfriend Sent To Prison
10 June 2023
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A Harare man Moses Tapiwa Maswera will spend the weekend behind bars after being apprehended for an alleged violent altercation with his girlfriend.

The incident occurred when the woman greeted another man during a children’s visit at school.

However, this was not the only instance of abuse, as the man had previously assaulted her for returning late from a girl’s getaway.

Maswera appeared before a Harare magistrate, where he faced two charges of physical abuse and was subsequently remanded in custody until Monday.

Shockingly, it appears that additional allegations may surface against him.

According to reports, in February, the complainant returned home around 8 pm after spending time with her friends.

To her dismay, she discovered the gate locked and contacted Maswera, who callously refused to open it and instructed her to return to her previous location.

Faced with no alternative, the woman spent the night at her friend’s house.

The following day, she visited her daughter at Lomagundi College and returned home late at night, only to find the gate locked once again.

Upon Maswera’s eventual opening of the gate, he erupted into a tirade of shouting and threats, evidently prepared to physically harm her.

Terrified, the woman screamed for help as Maswera relentlessly pursued her around the yard, repeatedly striking her with a whip-like object.

The disturbing commotion caught the attention of a neighbor, who intervened, prompting Maswera to cease his assault.

As a result of this harrowing experience, the woman sustained several injuries.

In another disturbing incident, it is alleged that in March, the couple visited the woman’s daughter at school.

While returning from the visit, the woman requested a brief break for her health.

However, as she walked back to the car, Maswera callously pushed her to the ground with force.

Despite recovering and getting back into the vehicle, Maswera continued to berate her for engaging in conversation with a male parent at the school.

This ultimately led to the woman’s decision to leave Maswera’s residence, taking her children with her.

The series of events underscores the gravity of the abusive behavior exhibited by Maswera and highlights the urgent need to address domestic violence in society.