CCC Youth Taskforce Escalates Voter Mobilization
10 June 2023
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By Stephen Sarkozy Chuma

As campaign for 23 August general elections begins in earnest, CCC Youth Taskforce today was in the dormitory town of Ruwa canvassing for support for CCC Presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa ahead of polls.

Led by CCC Youth Taskforce coordinator, Takudzwa Ngadziore and organising champion, Wombe Nhende, today we held a voter mobilization campaign at Mavambo in Ruwa.

In line with our REAp campaign, our focus is now centred on making sure that citizens elect big in this year’s upcoming general elections.

We have a transgenerational mandate to make sure that we attain change. The transformational agenda can only be realised under the Presidency of our leader, Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Youths and women have been on the deep end of a stinging economic meltdown under Emmerson Mnangagwa’s dictatorship.

Our clarion call to all change champions especially youths is that we must never lose focus concentrating on internal candidate selection process.

Mnangagwa and his fascist ZANU PF government are the big elephant in the room.

23 August we have a big chance to put Mnangagwa and his bunch of looters into political dustbins.

Voter mobilization must now begin in earnest in every part of the country.

Voting works!



Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
CCC Youth Taskforce Communications Department