Joburg Hit By Earthquake
11 June 2023
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By- A 5.0 magnitude earthquake has his South Africa’s Johannesburg Sunday, throwing tremors across the country’s most populous province.

The United States Geological Survey reported that the tremor occurred at 2:38 am (0038 GMT) or 6:08 AM (IST) and was located around 10 kilometres (six miles) below the surface.

The quake caused buildings to shake in the Gauteng province, where Johannesburg is located. Many residents of Gauteng province reported on social media that the walls of their homes were shaking when the earthquake occurred. Local media outlets also published videos of the quake.

Earthquakes are a rare occurrence in South Africa, with the last measuring 5.0 magnitude or higher in 2014, as reported by the U.S. Geological Survey. The epicentre of that 5.4 magnitude quake was near Orkney, a gold mining town in the North West province, where one person was reported to have died. The last major earthquake in South Africa was a 6.3-magnitude tremor in the Western Cape province in 1969.

According to an Associated Press journalist living close to the epicentre, the recent earthquake in South Africa felt like being on a moving train and lasted about a minute.