Qoki Fraud: Major Lawsuit is Looming On Nondwene
11 June 2023
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Qoki Zindlovukazi Agricultural fraudulent Farm land sales; Matebeleland Diasporans and Locals Affected.

By Nancy Nhuku| Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second-largest city has always taken pride in their strict standards in a bid to address longstanding issues surrounding illegal land occupations and fraudulent conveyancing processes. It has come as a concern and surprise to some Bulawayo Qoki Women dreaming of owning their homes and plots, that they have been sold indivisible state land or disputed land unbeknown to them.

The recent demolitions and enforcement actions above, that have sent shockwaves to Qoki Zindlovukazi investors, are part of the country’s broader land reform agenda, aimed at rectifying, illegal occupations, historical injustices and ensuring equitable access to land for all citizens. However, these operations have also affected a number of unsuspecting Zimbabwean locals and diasporans like Qoki investors who had invested in properties back home.

In recent news, Qoki Zindlovukazi founder and Directors Sithule Tshuma, Ms Karen Kumalo, Ms Nompilo Moyo and Ms Bridget Dube have been on the spotlight for some fraudulent conveyancing processes on some farms located under Umguza rural District council in Bulawayo near the Joshua Mqabuko Airport. The land baron phenomenon has plagued Zimbabwe for years, with individuals or groups such as Qoki Zindlovukazi illegally parcelling out state or disputed land to unsuspecting individuals in exchange for exorbitant fees. In this case Qoki appears to have targeted and exploited vulnerable women, located mostly abroad, promising them residential plots or agricultural plots without legal documentation or proper infrastructure.
Some affected investors in the region of hundreds, have reported concerns regards Qoki Zindlovukazi and their Lawyer Mr Zibusiso Charles Ncube withdrawing and withholding information from October 2020 regarding The Remaining Extent of Lower Nondwene being a contested land with significant outstanding ownership court hearings and Title Deed processes.

A mega lawsuit is looming over Qoki as alleged ‘seller’, Mr Hazrine Hapazari’s name is not on thee Remaining Extent of Lower Nondwene Title Deed (1791/90) and Qoki Title Deed(220/2021). Qoki appears to have taken the ‘fake’ Title Deed (as referd to by Qoki investors), directly from Mr and Mrs Manfred Barnett. Contrary to this, the Qoki Title Deed is missing at the Title Deed office to date, sometime in 2022, the Deed Office had confirmed to the investors Lawyer that the Deed was unavailable due to incomplete conveyancing issues. The Title Deed in question also covers the 50 hectares Qoki Hotel and Golf Course as Mr Hapazari is the same ‘seller’.
When Mr Ncube was approached by investors about the shocking news on 4th of May 2022, he responded ‘..the letter from the (Bulawayo) deeds office is accurate, the (Qoki) deed was registered subject to Mr Majoko finalising the issue between Hapazari and Barnett. Mr Majoko is dealing with that’. To date Mr Hapazari’s matter is still in court (high court case numberHC2035/20).

This case example is a growing concern among Qoki investors, as it is becoming apparent that there are numerous issues with most of the Qoki purchased land that Ms Tshuma and her team allege due diligence was thoroughly conducted by their Lawyer Mr Ncube. In addition, investors continue to discover deception concerns that were never disclosed to investors.
Amid all the concerns stated above, below are some of the issues observed and experienced by investors about Qoki’s model;
1. Operating under Women Empowerment disguise, (an organisation reportedly co-founded with a man Jimmy Chasafara- Ndaba Nhuku)
2. Authoritarian divide and rule, investors expelled from Qoki Zindlovukazi trading and communication platforms for asking questions.
3. Qoki Zindlovukazi trading and communication platforms restricted to only Qoki Admins posting, commenting and making significant decisions.
4. Bullying and harassment tendencies.
5. Intimidating and threatening behaviour, ganging up on investors safeguarding their money. Ms Tshuma using Mr Ncube to intimidate and bully women investors.
6. Ms Tshuma and Mr Ncube strongly inciting investors to sue each other by use of another Ncube colleague for boycotting paying for civil works and ancillary. (Douglasdale 1 investors received letters from lawyer Mr Mashobana Ncube titled SHERON BEJILE AND 27 ORS v YOURSELF: NONE PAYMENT OF FEES FOR SERVICES. Investors were left distraught following receiving these letters which attracted a charge of $250 each person, another clear money making stream of income by Qoki Directors. What cane as surprise to the Investors was that there is no legally binding contract between the two parties, neither is there with Qoki Zindlovukazi.
While Nondwene 3 received some refunds on 5th June 2023, Nondwene 1 and 2 await a date to collect their refunds from Qoki Zindlovukazi Clinic. With over US$25million having been handled by Ms Tshuma from money collected mostly from the United Kingdom, both countries would have seen some tax returns and revenue (ZIMRA) payments.

As the crackdown on land barons continues in Bulawayo and across Zimbabwe, the authorities face the challenge of striking a balance between upholding the principles of land reform and addressing the grievances of Nondwene investors impacted by Qoki’s lack of upholding legal practices. The situation underscores the importance of proper land administration, legal frameworks, and public awareness to prevent the proliferation of land barons and protect the rights of both local residents and Zimbabweans living abroad.