Mthuli Ncube Called Out To Account For Shocking, Unauthorized US$400,000 Judges’ Pay-Out!
14 June 2023
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Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has demanded the summoning of Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube to parliament to explain how he bestowed unbudgeted US$400,000 pay-outs to each of the country’s judges.

Speaking in parliament Tuesday, Mliswa also said the current information vacuum surrounding the controversial windfall portrayed a bunch of looters out of the current Zimbabwe administration.

Zimbabwe’s judges, widely expected to play a big part in determining election related disputes in the next few months, were awarded the unsolicited fortune by the Emmerson Mnangagwa led government as housing loans.

Reports said the jurists were neither required to sign loan agreement forms nor was there any attempt to gauge if they could afford to reimburse the public resource.
The princely bonus awarded to the bench follows similar payments of US$350,000 awarded to Central Intelligence Organisation directors, US$500,000 given to ministers, deputies (US$350,000) and US$40,000 to MPs.

Mliswa said Ncube should also explain where the housing loans that were awarded to ministers also came from since the tranche was not budgeted for and was awarded without parliament’s approval.

“Where and how did the US$400,000 come about? The US$350,000 for the executive was it in the blue book? I can stand and say the one for MPS was in the blue book.

“People now believe that we are on a plundering exercise. So, it is important for the minister of finance to come to this house and explain where the $400,000 came from; the $350,000 and even our $40,000 so that these institutions maintain their integrity and dignity,” he said.

Mliswa said MPs also needed to know when their outstanding US$30,000 vehicle allowances would be paid now that their term was nearing an end.

“We got US$50,000. We are owed US$30,000 from the money that was in the blue book; when is that money going to come?

“I do not want to pretend as if I am begging for it; it is our money,” he said.

Also speaking in the national assembly, Kuwadzana East MP Charlton Hwende said Ncube must also come and explain how he planned to remedy the continued erosion of civil servants’ wages within the current pricing disorder.

“Mthuli does not have time to come here and give us a ministerial statement but he is always in Cowdray Park campaigning.

“Yesterday, the army and police got paid the same salary they got in May when the exchange rate was ZWL$900: US$1 and now its ZW$7,000: US$1.

“A Kuwadzana Sergeant got ZWL$68,920. It is enough to buy one full chicken and 1kg of beef,” he said.

Kambuzuma MP Willias Madzimure said Ncube has been deliberately skipping parliament for three weeks now.

“This is now the third week since the issue of a ministerial statement was raised. There is no civil servant today who can send a child to hospital with the pay they are getting.”

Responding to MPs’ queries, acting speaker Tatenda Mavetera said: “I will ask the clerk of parliament to remind him.”