Herald Says CCC’s Splitting After Hopewell’s Leaked Audio Falsely Accusing Chamisa
19 June 2023
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Examining the Accuracy of Herald Zimbabwe’s Story on the Split within Nelson Chamisa’s CCC Party

Somewhat following filmmaker Hopewell Chin’ono’s claim that the opposition is being ripped apart, the Herald Zimbabwe recently published a story suggesting that the main opposition party in Zimbabwe, Nelson Chamisa’s CCC (Movement for Democratic Change Alliance) party, is splitting due to the selection process and subsequent loss of Tendai Biti, a prominent barrister and veteran politician. According to the article, Biti’s purportedly dogmatic and academic personality has made him unpopular among the common masses, leading to his defeat in the party’s selection process to contestant Rusty Markham. This article aims to critically analyze the accuracy of the Herald Zimbabwe’s story and assess the factors that might contribute to any potential divisions within the CCC party.

Assessing the Accuracy of the Claim:

1. Internal Party Dynamics:
While internal party dynamics and disputes are common in political organizations, it is crucial to examine the available evidence to determine the accuracy of the Herald Zimbabwe’s claims. The article primarily attributes the supposed split to Tendai Biti’s personality traits, specifically his dogmatic and academic nature. However, without concrete evidence or statements from party members, it is difficult to conclusively attribute a split solely to an individual’s personality. Political divisions often arise due to a complex interplay of various factors, such as ideological differences, power struggles, and disagreements over policy positions.

2. Independent Sources and Verification:
It is important to note that the Herald Zimbabwe is a state-owned newspaper and, as such, its coverage may be subject to biases or political influences. When evaluating the accuracy of a story, it is essential to seek corroboration from independent sources and alternative news outlets. Without multiple sources confirming the split and the reasons behind it, the credibility of the Herald Zimbabwe’s report becomes questionable.

3. Lack of Public Statements:
Another factor to consider is the absence of public statements from key party members regarding the alleged split. If such a significant event had occurred within the CCC party, it is likely that party leaders or officials would issue public statements or address the matter in press conferences. The absence of such statements raises doubts about the veracity of the Herald Zimbabwe’s claims.

Potential Factors Influencing Party Dynamics:

1. Ideological Differences:
Political parties often experience internal divisions due to varying ideological perspectives within their ranks. These differences can relate to policy positions, strategies, or broader visions for the party and the country. It would be crucial to evaluate whether any ideological divergences exist within the CCC party that could contribute to any potential splits.

2. Leadership Challenges:
Leadership contests and rivalries can also lead to divisions within political parties. It is essential to examine whether the CCC party has faced any recent leadership challenges or if there are underlying tensions between different factions or individuals aspiring for leadership positions.

3. Policy Disputes:
Disagreements over policy direction can significantly impact party unity. Assessing whether there are significant policy disputes within the CCC party could provide valuable insights into the potential causes of any division.


The Herald Zimbabwe’s story about a split within Nelson Chamisa’s CCC party, allegedly caused by Tendai Biti’s personality traits, requires careful analysis and verification. As with any news article, it is important to critically assess the sources, consider the context, and seek independent corroboration. Without additional evidence and statements from party officials or members, it is challenging to determine the accuracy of the claims made in the article.

Political divisions within parties are multifaceted and can result from various factors, such as ideological differences, leadership challenges, and policy disputes. While it is essential to acknowledge the potential for divisions within the CCC party, it is equally important to approach such claims with skepticism until supported by multiple reliable sources.