Makandiwa Literally Says He Is God’s Baby Sitter
19 June 2023
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1. God needs a prophet to stop him from sinning (2017).

2. Had it been for the prophet, God would have fallen apart. (2017)

3. Prophets protect God from sinning…(2017)

4. If you get to heaven, write this down, you get to heaven and you don’t find me there, you have gone to h-ell (2018)

5. ” I am more gifted than God.” (2023)

Analyzing the Honesty and Trustworthiness of Emmanuel Makandiwa’s Character in Light of His Sermons and Career

By Religion Reporter | ZimEye | Emmanuel Makandiwa, a prominent preacher and founder of the United Family International Church, has garnered a significant following over the years. However, his character and trustworthiness have come under scrutiny due to several controversial incidents and claims made during his sermons and career. This article aims to analyze the honesty and trustworthiness of Makandiwa based on these incidents, including his declaration that the Creator of the universe depends on his assistance, allegations of staging fake miracles, failure to accurately prophesy events, and his association with individuals accused of financial misconduct.

1. The Claim of Assisting the Creator of the Universe:

One of the most remarkable claims made by Makandiwa is that the Creator of the universe relies on his assistance. This statement raises questions about his humility and credibility as a spiritual leader. Such a declaration is inconsistent with traditional religious beliefs and places Makandiwa in a position of grandiosity and self-importance.

2. Allegations of Staging Fake Miracles:

Makandiwa has faced allegations of staging fake miracles, such as the controversial claim that he could heal people’s ailments, including a woman’s fat belly. The credibility of any spiritual leader can be seriously undermined when there are suspicions of deception surrounding their supposed miraculous abilities. These allegations cast doubt on Makandiwa’s integrity and raise questions about the authenticity of his claims.

3. Failure to Accurately Prophesy Events:

Another significant aspect of Makandiwa’s ministry is his prophetic declarations. However, there have been instances where his prophecies have failed to materialize. For example, he allegedly claimed to have healed Zimbabwean comedian Mai Titi of cancer, but later she was jailed for a separate offense. Such inaccuracies bring into question the authenticity and reliability of his prophetic abilities, eroding trust among his followers.

4. Association with Individuals Accused of Financial Misconduct:

Makandiwa’s close association with Uebert Angel, an individual accused of money laundering and being recorded by Al Jazeera Investigative journalists, raises concerns about his judgment and discernment. The failure to prophesy or address such serious allegations involving a close associate may suggest a lack of transparency or willingness to confront uncomfortable truths.

The analysis of Emmanuel Makandiwa’s character, based on his sermons and career, reveals several red flags that may impact his credibility and trustworthiness as a spiritual leader. The claim of assisting the Creator of the universe, allegations of staging fake miracles, failure to accurately prophesy events, and association with individuals accused of financial misconduct all contribute to a sense of skepticism. It is essential for individuals to critically evaluate the claims and actions of any spiritual leader, holding them accountable for their words and deeds. Ultimately, trust and honesty are foundational qualities necessary for any religious figure, and it is up to the followers to determine the level of trust they place in their chosen spiritual leaders.