ED Is The Only Game In Town; Even Chamisa Knows It- Mavaza
20 June 2023
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza -Once again, Zimbabweans are preparing to give a fresh mandate to a deserving party and an excellent man. As elections get closer faster, many parties will be sprouting from all corners to congest the ballot paper. If every party from the MDC is to contest, the ballot paper will be written back to back. MDC has exhausted the alphabet with its synonyms from MDC A to MDC Z, and now it’s called CCC. The CCC is selling Zimbabweans of all ages a dummy. The opposition has blamed the economic downturn on ZANU PF.
CCC has shown that Political Perfectionism, this is Specifically, an obsessive-compulsive personality disorder which, is characterized by an illusion of orderliness, perfectionism and excessive devotion to work to the point that they believe in their own lies. The individual is often detail-oriented, and when things do not work out in their favour, they can quickly become angry disruptive and violent. This can manifest as criticism of self and others and in attempts to control situations, and people become dreamers and live in their dreamland.
Their campaign has been that ZANU PF has fronted corrupt cadres and is eating into the future of the youth. The youth are being told that they are not employed because ZANU PF has mishandled the economy. Yet there is no alternative they can offer.
The opposition, in particular, Nelson Chamisa, has told rally after rally that if he is given Zimbabwe, he will develop the country in three months with the help of the “white men” He told those who were listening that he will have a number of white people rushing to develop Zimbabwe’s economy. This Chamisa said it will only be possible if he is elected president of Zimbabwe.
The youth and Zimbabweans at large must step down to reality. The economy can not be improved in three days, and joy comes in the morning.
Firstly a party has to be consistent. Being perceived as consistent is a crucial concern for political actors’ in their efforts to mobilize public opinion. Zimbabweans must have an analysis of the self-reflexive performance of consistency by Zimbabwean politicians and their parties, focusing on the definitions and types of ‘consistency’ in political talk and their consequences.
A party must illustrate that consistency constitutes spatiotemporal coordination among cognitions, actions (words and deeds), and the external world while also being viewed as potentially transforming political reality. Perceived as a sought-after value indicative of truth-telling, determination, and clarity, political actors view consistency as an essential character trait associated with ideological fortitude and a basis for practical policy realization.
Many have been concerned about the ability of citizens to ground their specific political preferences in more general principles.
CCC is offering a deal which they say can not be made public. This means there is no manifesto, there is no visible plan, and the alternative is nonexistent. They are selling invisible democracy. To think that CCC is clogged at the top with lawyers is laughable.
Looking at all political parties on the round ZANU PF has a longstanding intuition that can help citizens improve the quality of their political opinion. This is understood as the consistency between citizens’ specific opinions and their deeper political values. Citizens have to see what is being offered and compare it with what is being promised.
What MDC, which is now CCC was consistent in is breaking up and splitting up and giving unrealistic and invisible promises.
The rebranding of the MDC Alliance chapter as a political party, Citizens Coalition for Change, renders itself to the slogan (Chamisa Chete Chete), showing that Chamisa is selfish and power-hungry. The personalization of a political party is consistent with an undemocratic Selfish Satanic outfit. Since CHAMISA ascended to power, he never denounced sanctions earning himself the name “Baba ma Sanctions,”. The sanctions, which are used to kill national prospects, have perpetuated the suffering of multitudes of our people, and this behaviour of supporting sanctions is treasonous. In the coming elections, Zimbabweans are promised more sanctions by a party whose campaign remains fuelled by the request for more sanctions.
CHAMISA would use anything that promised to give him power to the extent that Tsvangirai, the movement’s founding father, was undermined by Chamisa, who grabbed power in utter disrespect of the remains of the icon of the opposition movement. He instituted violence to stay in power without legitimacy. He could not retain the name MDC because it meant losing power hence he had to give the new party his own name and totem. If he could become President of Zimbabwe, we run the risk of having the country renamed Moyo State of Chamisa. The nation should be careful what they wish for. Chamisa is a dictator through and through. He has no morals, his well executed sidelining Welshmen Ncube (MDC-N), Tendai Biti (PDP) Job Sikhala (MDC 99 Mangoma Khupe and many staunch CCC stalwarts.
The very people who gave Tsvangirai a heart attack are the same people who have been gathered together by CHAMISA to try and rebrand his new political outfit. This is actually urinating on Tsvangirai’s grave.
 All the politicians he surrounded himself with clearly rebelled against the late Morgan Tsvangirai in a bid to upstage the party and destroy it. Meanwhile Nelson Chamisa appeared loyal and implied disgust at the betrayal, but no, that was not the case. If anything this man is a snake in the grass. If he could have it his way he will befriend anyone for the sake of power, and dump you as soon as the scales tilts to his side.

So come 23rd August 2023 the nation must not be fooled, Nelson Chamisa is leading CCC which for all purposes and intends is simply a foreign controlled outfit.
With his unorthodox primary elections he has rendered Biti and many others discredited spend forces desperate to find some political space. The nation cannot be fooled by claims of human rights abuse in order to give way to neo-colonial forces to influence the politics of Zimbabwe.
2023 is coming with all gloves off and knuckles up.
On the other side we must realize that since the new dispensation came into office their, most cherished wish and desire ,for which ED and his team laboured with vigour and passion unceasingly ,with firm determination, is to raise the lives of Zimbabweans and create jobs jobs and jobs for every capable person. This is the force which drives ED and he has set a national goal to achieve middle income by 2030. Every hand has been put on the deck with great importance placed on the goal and the desire that our people should attain this goal. This is not only a wish or desire but indeed a possibility. Zimbabweans are having great satisfaction everyday of seeing this goal coming to fruition. The development presided by ED Mnangagwa are all out for to see. MNANGAGWA is a front man who believe in less talk and more action. 
Zimbabweans must realize that development is a process. It has been seen in the work being done by the new dispensation in developing the economy. We must be guided by the Chinese history of economic growth.
Chinese history of growth was not overnight but like China ED is saying we build our own nation. “Nyika inovakwa Nevene vayo.”Sanctions will not stop our resilient fighting spirit. Brick by brick we build Zimbabwe. People must not be fooled by the rhetoric being puked by the CCC whose promise is that the West will come running with money.
This is a party with no plan no constitution but planning to enter into power with an empty begging bowl.
We must be comforted to know that we are already making inroads in food security through dams and empowering farmers. ED has introduced command agriculture and Pfumvunza giving implements and livestock to capable farmers to revamp our ailing economy.
Zimbabwe is now under new management and going through a rigorous economic recovery. Infrastructure has been rehabilitated. Roads buildings dams have all been revamped. Zimbabwe now is halfway to the Middle income goal. Normally, during an economic recovery, gross domestic product (GDP) grows, incomes rise, and unemployment falls as the economy rebounds. Only this year the Civil service has employed over twenty thousand teachers and nurses. The army has recruited and still recruiting. The police and other security organizations have employed thousands of youth. 
It must be understood that during an economic recovery, the economy undergoes a process of adaptation and adjustment to new conditions, including the factors that triggered the recession in the first place and the new policies and rules implemented by governments and central banks in response to the recession. So the first years of the new dispensation, things got tough, but it was only when things got tough that the tough got going.
Recovery is an economy healing itself from the damage done, and it sets the stage for a new expansion.
We must not forget Covid19. ED led us out of Covid and we all are seeing the development we are marching through.
All we can say is give ED his second term. Let him finish his good works. A good coach does not change a winning team.
As we make a decision on whom to vote for in 2023 we must remember that ED is no1:
In the end, the recovery can change the patterns of economic activity in an economy, sometimes drastically and sometimes in barely noticeable ways. The economy heals the damage during the preceding parts of the business cycle by reallocating, reusing, and recycling resources into new uses, in an analogous way to how the body breaks down dead and damaged tissue in order to produce new, healthy cells and tissues after an injury.
Importantly, in order for the process of recovery to proceed, it is critical that the business and investment liquidations of the recession are carried out and the resources tied up in them are allowed to flow to new uses and new businesses.
Eventually, this process of recovery leads to a new phase of growth and expansion once resources have been mostly or fully reallocated across the economy.
This is the time the youth see the truth. There will never be a miracle recovery. ZANU PF has set the recovery going.
If you want to be employed soon allow ED to finish what he started. Vote ZANU PF and help Zimbabwe claim its bread basket position.
Zimbabwe is the only country which we can call ours in the whole world. 
Iwe neni tine basa. Vote ZANU PF VOTE ED for president.