ED Has Opened Democratic Spaces That’s Why Religious Leaders Love Him- Mavaza
21 June 2023
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza- While President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the ZANU PF 2023 Presidential candidate, joins masses of believers in their different congregations to worship the living God, CCC leader Nelson Chamisa decides to make the sermon himself.

Watching Chamisa at Mbare Stoddart Netball courts it shows the demise of opposition. Like a charismatic preacher he controls the narrative. Behind him are the brains of the opposition’s Charlton Hwende and Tendai Biti and many heavy weights refused by the people they purport to represent yet being the brains behind the party, all have been rendered useless because of the dictatorship of one man.
When we warned Biti and his followers that the dictatorship of CHAMISA knows no bounds, he is a pastor, not a power star—those two rhyme but is not the same. Tsvangirai wreathes in his grave. Those who formed the party can not speak those who dared to speak have been haunted out of the grave train. The political cemeteries display tall and sticking-out tombstones inscribed clearly in trickery. Rest in peace, Biti Rest in Peace, Douglas Mwonzora, farewell Morgen Komichi. These tombstones are placed close to the real graves of Tsvangirai and Gibson Sibanda and many of those who died after being dribbled by Nelson CHAMISA.
It is very curious that those who joined CHAMISA from their own parties are either in prison or have had the rug pulled under their feet. Ngarivhume is serving a sentence and surprisingly, CCC under CHAMISA never stood by him so is Job Sikhala. Those not in prison and not chased away from CCC to pave the way for pure dictatorship are scared to speak out because the cult of Chamisa rules. They dare not speak because they will not be heard of ever again. Lilian Timveos and Blessing Chebundo saw the light early and joined the revolutionary party ZANU PF. They saved themselves from a murky candidate selection process which was targeting those who threatened Chamisa’s position. How do you get to this position when an opposition is beholden to one man. Like a sect, they go to the slaughter quietly, hoping a protest vote will help them.
If CHAMISA can display such audacity before he sets foot in the state house, what will happen should he get there? God forbid.
Zimbabwe’s opposition is cursed we are not blessed with a democratic opposition. We have a party with no structures no plan for the nation but a plan for the leader alone and his spokespersons.
Talk of standing by friends Chamisa will not care for any one except himself.
We look no further than his discretely fired spokesperson. Nkululeko Sibanda. He was dragged from his high paying position in UK and brought in to be the spokesperson. CHAMISA was forming an old Student Union team. Then when Sibanda invested his experience and Knowlledge in the party he was offloaded at the first hearing of a female voice in the name of Fadzai Nyembesi MAHERE. She brought all the meanings of her names. Joy to the leader and tears to Nkululeko. Elections are fast approaching Nkululeko Sibanda is now in the dustbin of CCC which is filling very fast.
To understand CHAMISA and his constitutionless party, we look at the replacement of Nkululeko Sibanda.
Fadzai MAHERE the personal spoke person of the CCC shocked the world when she took time to demonise Zimbabwe in Geneva.
One Former British Prime minister Winston Churchill once said
“When I am abroad, I always make it a rule never to criticize or attack the government of my own country. I make up for lost time when I come home.”
Zimbabweans have seen a crop of people who stand and pledge to soil their country. We have seen people who are so dedicated to make Zimbabwe look evil in the eyes of the world. Mahere was seeking relevance and building a profile for herself and CHAMISA on the blood of her fellow country man. Her fame is written with the blood of Zimbabweans. The CCC makes many feel a little perplexed. it is sometimes saddening to see that some self-proclaimed critics go beyond the limit and start spitting out random things.
Blaming Mnangagwa’s govt. for each and every bad thing happening around us has almost become a trend these days. President ED has been working relentlessly 24*7 with out getting even a little bit tired since the past four years.The fact that we criticize when things don’t work out, or rather when things don’t work out the way WE WANT. Instead of actually doing something of figuring ways out.

  • In her address, Mahere claimed that in 2021 “I woke up in a security prison in Zimbabwe with no toilet, no water and no underwear. To claim that she had neither a toilet nor access to water is hyperbole meant to demonise the Zimbabwean Government when she knows that Zimbabwean prisoners have access to toilets and water. It would be naïve for a person of Mahere’s   stature to expect her prison cell to be as luxurious as her en suite bedroom. As for the claims of going around her cell without underwear, it is common practice the world over that items of clothing that can be used by prisoners to commit suicide, strangle other prisoners or create ladders to escape are removed from their cells for their own safety. If she was wearing panties like G-strings that can easily lend themselves to other uses, no responsible prison officer would let her keep them on her person. But was she even wearing one we don’t know.
    All this tells us that CCC is not intending to be democratic if God forbids it gets in the office.
    They have abandoned their slogan that “God is in it” and now resort to purging each other. God May never be in that treachery.
    On the other hand ZANU PF does not only talk they join the worshippers and worship with them. This is the reason why the churches adore ED MNANGAGWA.
    If we are serious about our country let us vote for serious people. Leadership is a serious business. It requires honesty and faithfulness. To that end, MNANGAGWA attends the church and worships with others, as did David, the King of the Jews and all kings. CHAMISA will not go where God is. He wants God to join him at a yellow rally.
    Zimbabwe is a blessed country, and God has blessed it. We must not betray our God by voting for those who will not tell the truth but only claim that God is in it.
    Zimbabwe needs POWER STARS, NOT PASTORS, in the state house.