LEAKED: Qoki Bribes
24 June 2023
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Like we have been saying: The truth unfolds. Qoki’s scandal unfolds.

By Nancy Nhuku | For some reason, we are reminded of a common song ‘When Jesus says yes nobody can say no!’ This befits the whole situation. Believe it or not, there are real victims in all these Qoki Zindlovukazi scrupulous projects, we do make an exceptional effort in supporting victims and gathering information. This is by far the most heartbreaking exercise, where real investors and victims speak out, in case one wonders why this newsmedia is still producing Qoki articles. This is also being done to raise awareness and educate our community, there are trends and patterns that continue to emerge from this investigation. There is abundance of voluntary shocking and devastating content to explore. The latest being the reaction to the previous opinion article on what went wrong with the great mighty Qoki. To recap, we featured Ms Sithule Tshuma’s audio saying “We had to do what we had to do” regarding obtaining Subdivision permits. We posited the question that ‘One wonders if she was insinuating that she had to bribe her way through to get subdivision division permits’?
1st** audio.

Rest assured there was no malice in this, just critical thinking and analysis. As fate would have it, the publication received a phenominal response from the victims. Have you ever heard of the adage “oil and water do not mix”? This is evidence that it surely does not, below is an audio of the Qoki Highness confessing and confirming the theory that there was bribing involved. An attempt to do a verbatim transcription of the audio was made, although not stenographic. Please note that this audio is an intimate conversation between Tshuma’s own, one of her own trusted investors/friends. It is important to assert that the mission is not to convince people, however, to publish our research and as such do not care who comes on board or does not. The mission is to educate and unpack this to the root cause and will stop at nothing. The essence is to approach this with an open mind, therefore the onus is on Ms Sithule Tshuma and allies to prove investors, victims and community at large wrong. The audio below refers;

2nd Audio***

Sithule: Mina you know what, they can do what they want to do at the end of the day I go to bed with a clear conscience. What I will tell you now is that, my Uncle is a ZIMRA boss. Then we have a lady Everjoy Sikhanyiso Ndlovu, her sister is a boss at the Deed office.
Portia: ‘So Sithu, when a Deed is said to be missing or have disappeared, what does it mean…
Sithule: ‘It doesn’t disappear, I think because everyone is going to look for it…..they end up protecting the buyer..
Sithule: As I’m telling you, Sikhanyiso Everjoy Ndlovu’s sister is the ZIMRA boss….Bridget Dube goes to Deed office…..once Zi checks…then me, my uncle does all assessments….but I can’t jeopardise his job by telling everyone…..
Sithule: Do you know what, I will tell you something, you are lucky, not that you are lucky, do you know that mina every permit In Harare, for people to work and do their job, you know permits take 6 years to come out, just because they don’t get paid, they just want bribe money, you hear them say ‘tirikuda mari isu’ (we want money). You know that every permit I was bribing paying $4000, just so they do their job.
In an article published by The Chronicle on June the 3rd 2023, Tshuma advised that Qoki projects began in 2020 and are estimated to be worth between US$20 million and US$25 million, ‘We are currently working on over 27 projects spread across Matabeleland, with additional land in Hwange, Plumtree, Esigodini, and surrounding areas of Bulawayo’. In her disclosure audio, where Tshuma confirms her lawyer Mr Zibusiso Charles Ncube can testify to, Tshuma outlined that she bribed Harare Spatial planning offices with a minimum of $4000. With all these bribery funds Tshuma is happily stating she paid, one is compelled to wonder if a whopping total of over $130 000 was spent by Qoki in bribing the Harare and perhaps Umguza and Bulawayo City Council for all these permits and other processes. Where did Tshuma get this plus $130 000 to pay for bribes? Qoki alleges they were doing this to help the women and that Qoki does not get paid to do the projects. The golden question for ‘MaGolide’ as loyalists call her, where did Tshuma get all this money for bribes? None of the investors so far have advised they paid Tshuma bribery money. How is Tshuma making her money in all these projects? What’s her interest? Is it really purely to help? Most investors are disgusted by these revelations and feel strongly violated by Qoki’s deception.
Shockingly, Ms Sithule Tshuma, a mother, a Mental health staff nurse, and a ‘self claimed philanthropy guru’, states clearly in most of her audios that she goes to bed with a clear conscience. One wonders how such self confessed and disclosed bribery fraudulent activities are not a concern to her? More to follow……
In a similar vein, the Qoki Trucks also continue to reveal more devastating and unbelievable Qoki management and decision making processes. Below is audio and investors views indicating that only one person Tshuma has the power to make decisions:

The common theme in all these Qoki Projects, is that Tshuma was encouraging the vulnerable women to borrow some loans to fund these experimental Projects, with Karen Kumalo being portrayed as the Bank 7 streams guru. Unbeknown to these victims that their borrowed loans were part of Tshuma and Kumalo’s 7 streams of income. It is hoped that now that the Qoki Highness is saying ‘this is now affecting me’, perhaps things might be done differently. Does that mean Tshuma only takes action to matters that only affect her personally? What kind of leadership style does Qoki employ? If any?
Ladies and gentlemen this is exactly what this news agency has been uncovering, this is for you to judge if this publication is being jealous, malicious and plotting a coup as accused or just pure advocacy journalism dedicated for victims and investors.
Lessons learnt.. do not judge a book by its cover but pay attention to the vibrations and their frequency. The 12 laws of universe come to mind. If ignorant or in any doubt please look up or revisit the topic.