MONICA SHOCKER: President Mnangagwa On Video Also Calling ZACC “A Corruption Company”
26 June 2023
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Controversy Erupts as President Mnangagwa’s Remarks Echo Information Minister’s ‘Corruption Company’ Slur

By Farai D Hove | In a shocking turn of events, Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been caught on file footage repeating a similar label used by his subordinate, Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa, referring to the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (ZACC) as the nation’s “Corruption Company.” The footage, recorded by Transparency International, has ignited a debate surrounding the curious resemblance between the two incidents, which occurred three years apart.

The controversy began with Minister Mutsvangwa’s alleged slip of the tongue during a press conference in 2020, where she mistakenly referred to ZACC as the “Corruption Company.” At the time, the incident was dismissed as a verbal blunder, and the matter soon faded away. However, the recent emergence of video footage featuring President Mnangagwa making strikingly similar remarks has reignited discussions on the matter.

According to the footage, President Mnangagwa acknowledged the corruption within the previous iteration of ZACC and stated, “I decided to create another Corruption.” The President went even further, noting that he appointed a woman to head the newly formed anti-corruption body, dubbing it the new “Corruption.” Although the statements seem to have slipped from the President’s tongue, their close similarity to Minister Mutsvangwa’s comments has raised eyebrows and prompted intense scrutiny.

The nation has been grappling with widespread corruption, as recently exposed in the GoldMafia documentary. The documentary revealed President Mnangagwa’s wife, Auxillia, allegedly engaging in smuggling gold and money in and out of Zimbabwe using the President’s private jet. The transactions were reportedly conducted with individuals posing as gangsters but were, in fact, undercover journalists.

The revelations from the documentary have further fueled public outrage and eroded trust in the government’s commitment to fighting corruption. The uncanny resemblance between the statements made by President Mnangagwa and Minister Mutsvangwa has now added fuel to the fire, with critics questioning the sincerity of the government’s anti-corruption efforts.

Opposition leaders, civil society organizations, and concerned citizens have called for a thorough investigation into the allegations made in the GoldMafia documentary and the connections to the President’s office. They argue that the apparent similarities in the remarks made by top government officials raise suspicions about the true nature of the government’s stance on corruption.

The ruling ZANU PF party has not yet officially responded to the controversy surrounding President Mnangagwa’s statements. However, political analysts suggest that this incident will undoubtedly cast a shadow over the government’s credibility and intensify the pressure on the President to address the corruption allegations in a transparent and decisive manner.

As Zimbabwe continues to battle the scourge of corruption, the latest controversy surrounding President Mnangagwa’s remarks has underscored the need for immediate action and genuine efforts to tackle the deep-rooted issue. The citizens of Zimbabwe await further developments and hope for a transparent investigation into the alleged corruption within the government’s highest ranks.

Disclaimer: The events described in this article are purely fictional and should not be taken as real news.