Go Well Gospel Diva
6 July 2023
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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing on of one of our members, gospel musician Diva Mafunga.

Mafunga died this morning in a road accident while on his way back to Harare from Bulawayo.

Mafunga was one of the most influential gospel musicians in the country, with albums such as Endai Naizvozvo, 2003, Fambai Nekutenda, 2004, Pfuurirai Mberi, 2005 and Ndicharamba Ndichidana, 2007, among others.

Mafunga is survived by his three children and mourners are gathered in Unit N, Seke, Chitungwiza.

To his family and friends, we are sending our caring thoughts during this difficult time of mourning.


Fatima Mem Farmleyonce