Mugabe’s Love For Kumusha And Condom Confusion
8 July 2023
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By Dorrothy Moyo | Robert Mugabe, the late former President of Zimbabwe, was known for his affinity for spending time at his rural home, affectionately referred to as kumusha. In a candid account by his nephew, Robert Zhuwao, we gain insights into Mugabe’s fondness for being surrounded by family and the challenges one could face when summoned by him. This particular story revolves around a condom mishap that led to an unexpected encounter with the formidable leader.

Kumusha: A Place of Family and Joy

According to Zhuwao, Mugabe relished the simple pleasures of life when at home or kumusha. He encouraged family members to visit, and his wife, Grace Mugabe, affectionately known as Gogo Grace, delighted in hosting them. Family gatherings at kumusha were filled with love, warmth, and the irresistible aroma of delicious meals. Gogo Grace would insist that no one leaves without having a satisfying meal, especially if they had traveled a long distance.

The Fear of Being Summoned

While visiting Mugabe at kumusha was a pleasant experience, being summoned by him could strike fear in the heart of mischievous individuals like Zhuwao. However, Gogo Grace often covered for him, considering him a “brother” as a member of the Mwenewazvo clan, giving him a fleeting sense of authority and protection in Mugabe’s presence. On rare occasions, Zhuwao would push his luck, attempting to challenge the authority of his revered sekuru, only to be swiftly reminded of his place with a mere glance. Such was the power and respect commanded by Robert Mugabe.

The Unexpected Call Home

One day, Zhuwao received an unexpected call while in South Africa. His first wife, alarmed by the discovery of a pack of condoms hidden in the fuse box of Zhuwao’s new car, had reported the incident to Mugabe. Concerned about the potential scandal, Mugabe instructed Zhuwao to immediately return and present himself before him.

The Anxious Journey Home

Filled with dread, Zhuwao hastily caught a plane back to Zimbabwe. The usually long flight seemed unusually short, and the drive from the airport to his home felt interminable. His mind raced with thoughts of how to explain the presence of the condoms in his car, unaware of the source of the misunderstanding.

Facing Mugabe’s Judgment

Upon arriving at Mugabe’s home, Zhuwao found himself seated across from the formidable leader during dinner. Gogo Grace was absent, leaving Zhuwao to face his fate alone. Determined to maintain his composure, Zhuwao attempted to act confidently and jolly, but his nerves betrayed him. A series of clumsy mishaps, including spilling water and gravy, revealed his inner turmoil.

The Condom Confusion Unraveled

As the tension mounted, Zhuwao blurted out an ill-conceived explanation, claiming that he had sold the condoms as a sample. This only infuriated Mugabe further. Unbeknownst to Zhuwao, Mugabe’s background in law made him acutely aware of inconsistencies and loopholes. The questioning intensified as Zhuwao struggled to provide satisfactory answers, ultimately choosing silence as his best defense.

Lessons Learned and Humility Gained

After a thorough scolding, Zhuwao was released with a stern warning to find a different line of business and to refrain from causing trouble within the family. The incident left him humbled and with a newfound appreciation for the consequences of his actions. The encounter also highlighted the authority and intellect of Mugabe, reminding Zhuwao that he should never underestimate his uncle’s wisdom and discernment.


The story shared by Robert Zhuwao provides a glimpse into the personal side of Robert Mugabe’s life and his love for kumusha. It also demonstrates the challenges and consequences that could arise from a simple misunderstanding. Despite the mishap, Zhuwao’s account reflects the enduring respect and admiration he held for his uncle, highlighting the formidable presence Mugabe commanded both as a leader and within his family.