Take Action Against Corruption, Govt Told
15 July 2023
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Parliament has urged government to take stern measures to address corruption. The legislature also called on government to increase budgetary allocations to State institutions charged with combating graft.

This was revealed in a report tabled before Parliament recently following a visit to Qatar by the United Nations Office of Counter Terrorism.

According to the report, unbridled corruption is a recipe for violent extremism.

“The State must take stern measures to arrest corruption, address gender imbalances, ensure transparent and equitable distribution of resources, implement conflict and resolution strategies and policies and strengthen the capacity of law enforcement agencies and the judicial system in order to guard against violent extremism and terrorism,” the report read.

“Starting with the 2023 budget going forward, the Ministry of Finance should increase its budgetary allocations on all programmes and projects aimed at strengthening the capacity of the State in preventing social unrest which has the potential of fuelling violent extremism and threats of terrorism.

“Bilateral agreements on integrated border management and sharing of immigration data with neighbouring countries must be prioritised to cope with ever-changing trends in technology which have a large bearing on terrorism.”

It adds: “By the end of 2023, government must ensure that all designated ports of entry and exit are upgraded with enhanced physical and electronic security systems while increased physical patrols supported by adequate tools of trade must be prioritised in order to curb illegal crossing along the borderline.

“The government must invest in capacitating and strengthening academic and security sector research institutions with a view to increasing knowledge on drivers of violent extremism and terrorism and possible ways of curbing these ills of society that threaten the security of the nation.”

Reports indicate that corrupt gangs within and outside government are creaming off assets worth billions of dollars annually from the country.

A recent Al Jazeera documentary on money laundering and gold smuggling also claimed that well-connected elites were stealing the country’s minerals.

There have been no arrests following the exposé, with some government officials including Presidential spokesperson George Charamba claiming that the documentary was meant to tarnish the country’s image.