Zimbabwe Takes Action On Illegal Lotteries and Gaming
25 July 2023
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In a significant move to combat illegal lotteries and gaming activities in Zimbabwe, the Lotteries and Gaming Board, along with other relevant agencies, has intensified its efforts to apprehend organizers involved in such illicit operations. Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister, Kazembe Kazembe, made this announcement during his visit to the Lotteries and Gaming Board offices in Harare.

Minister Kazembe’s commitment to eradicating illegal gaming was exemplified by the commissioning of three Toyota GD6 vehicles, dedicated to improving the operational efficiency of the board. With these reliable vehicles at their disposal, the Lotteries and Gaming Board can now respond more swiftly to reported cases of illegal operators, thereby enhancing their supervision efforts.

During his address, Minister Kazembe issued a stern warning to illegal operators, stating that there are no sacred cows within the gaming industry. The minister emphasized that all perpetrators of crime would face the full force of the law, and the board would spare no effort in bringing them to justice.

The allocation of $120 million to eight organizations, as well as $3,000 to the Sports and Recreation Commission, is part of the government’s strategy to generate income that supports social welfare organizations, sports, and arts bodies, as mandated by law.

Minister Kazembe lauded the Lotteries and Gaming Board for its commitment to enhancing service delivery and striving towards achieving a prosperous and empowered society by 2030, in line with the National Development Strategy (NDS)1. He highlighted that the board’s efforts were in sync with the Second Republic’s vision of leaving no one and no place behind.

The disbursement of funds to the specified recipients under the Lotteries and Gaming Act was seen as a positive step in uplifting various sectors of the country. While acknowledging that the allocation might not fully address all the challenges faced by beneficiaries, Minister Kazembe emphasized the importance of being each other’s keeper, especially in a climate affected by sanctions from external detractors.

As a symbol of support for Zimbabwe’s national teams that have qualified for the World Cup, the Sports and Recreation Commission was granted $3,000. This gesture aimed to acknowledge and boost the morale of the Gems (netball team), Rugby under 20, and Hockey under 21 teams as they represented the nation in international competitions.

The event witnessed the presence of key officials, including Lotteries and Gaming Board Chairperson, Dr. Euginia Chidhakwa, Registrar-General in the Civil Registry Department, Mr. Henry Machiri, Police Deputy Commissioner-General (administration) Stephen Mutamba, and Deputy Director Administration in the Immigration Department, Mr. Givemore Charamba.

Overall, the recent actions taken by the Lotteries and Gaming Board, in collaboration with Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Kazembe Kazembe, demonstrate the government’s strong resolve to combat illegal gaming activities. The deployment of resources, including the commissioning of new vehicles and financial support for various sectors, showcases Zimbabwe’s commitment to creating a regulated and fair gaming environment. With these intensified efforts and continued vigilance, the nation moves towards achieving its vision of a prosperous and empowered upper middle-income society by 2030.