Murowa Diamonds Bares President’s Lies as It Shuns Local Employees
26 July 2023
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Dear Zimbabweans

Murowa Diamonds owned by Rio Tinto Zimbabwe and operating in Zvishavane district recently engaged about 50 Namibians and about 20 Indians as expatriate workers overlooking well qualified and experienced local engineers and artisans. To make matters worse these Namibians brought their own assistants who are earning salaries higher than those of Zimbabwean graduates and artisans. Does Zimbabwe need expatriate artisans and engineers? The answer is a big NO. A year ago the same mine brought in over 200 South Africans to come and lay a water pipeline. A quick survey on the employees of will show very few locals who normally do menial jobs like house keeping.

The greatest scandal is how the ministry of home affairs is issuing work permits to all these foreigners who now constitute a three quarters of all the artisans and engineers working in lithium, diamonds and gold mines. The ZANU PF government especially the ministries of Home Affairs and Mines and Mining development are the worst enemies of the highly educated and skilled Zimbabweans. It is a shame that the Home Affairs ministry is issuing work permits to foreigners like confetti at a wedding reducing local engineers and artisans to street vendors. There is need for ZACC to investigate all the work permits if foreigners working in our mines because some of these workers are trainees masquerading as technicians. Is there any due diligence done on these foreigners before issuing work permits?

The Minister of Mines and Mining development must resign in shame for selling out our jobs to foreigners. Zimbabwe want foreign investors not workers as is the case in most lithium mines where Chinese make the bulk of employees. The President’s mantra that Zimbabwe must be built by Zimbabweans is a facade, an embarrassing rhetoric and just noise signifying nothing. His vision of a middle upper class by whatever year is the devil’s dream of seat in heaven. How can we become a middle class society when the Home Affairs ministry and it’s partner in crime ministry of mines are parcelling out jobs to foreigners?

My fellow countrymen 23 August 2023 is a crucial day that is going to map and shape our future and that of our beloved country. It is common knowledge that us the majority of Zimbabweans are drowning abjective poverty with no hope in sight. Those who are supposed to rescue us from the jaws of this stinking poverty don’t even care. All they are doing is looting and plundering our natural resources to their own personal aggrandizement. Their dogs and cats live a better life than us the povo. Our politicians at large are useless and hopeless.

The attached picture shows the “abundance” of Chinese Nationals during the official opening of the Bikita Lithium mine.

Worried and concerned jobless Zimbabwean

Tinoda Mabasa