Jonso Helps Military Attack Chamisa Worse Than Chiwenga
29 July 2023
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Professor Jonathan Moyo’s Contradictions Exposed: Using Matabeleland as a Political Pawn

In recent developments surrounding the nullification of 12 parliamentary candidates in Bulawayo province, Advocate Nelson Chamisa and his party, the CCC, have come under attack from Professor Jonathan Moyo. However, a closer examination of Moyo’s statements reveals glaring contradictions and opportunistic behavior. This article aims to shed light on the inconsistencies in Moyo’s stance while examining his historical alignments with different political figures.

1. Opportunistic Attacks on Nelson Chamisa:

Professor Jonathan Moyo’s recent attacks on Advocate Nelson Chamisa and the CCC are not without controversy. He accuses Chamisa’s party of lacking a constitution, structures, and a bank account, thereby suggesting incompetence and disorganization. However, it is essential to question Moyo’s motives behind these attacks, considering his own political history.

2. Historical Ties to Emmerson Mnangagwa:

Contrary to his vehement criticism of Chamisa, Professor Jonathan Moyo has previously shown support for Emmerson Mnangagwa, the incumbent President of Zimbabwe. Moyo’s alignment with Mnangagwa raises doubts about the objectivity of his attacks on Chamisa. It appears that Moyo’s political alliances have influenced his stance on different issues, including the Bulawayo nomination dispute.

3. Contradiction on Regional Bias:

One of Moyo’s claims against Chamisa is that the CCC used Matabeleland as a scapegoat to compensate for its internal shortcomings. However, this argument exposes Moyo’s own contradictions. He accuses Chamisa of targeting Matabeleland, yet Moyo himself has aligned with Mnangagwa, who has faced criticism for prejudicing Matabeleland during his tenure.

4. Misplaced Accusations:

Moyo’s accusations that Chamisa deliberately and illegally submitted nomination papers late at night fail to consider the wider context. The narrative overlooks the fact that several political parties and independent candidates also submitted nominations on the last day, suggesting that it might have been a common practice.

5. Using Matabeleland as a Political Pawn:

Moyo’s exploitation of the Matabeleland region to further his political agenda is both insensitive and irresponsible. By attempting to draw Matabeleland into a dispute that has no direct connection to the region, Moyo risks deepening divides and inciting unnecessary tensions.

The contradictions in Professor Jonathan Moyo’s recent attacks on Advocate Nelson Chamisa and the CCC raise serious questions about his credibility and motives. His historical affiliations with different political figures, particularly his support for Emmerson Mnangagwa, cast doubt on the sincerity of his criticism. Using Matabeleland as a political pawn to advance personal interests is not only reprehensible but also detrimental to the unity and progress of Zimbabwe. It is crucial to hold public figures accountable for their words and actions and to strive for a more inclusive and harmonious political landscape in the country.