Church Confession Nails M_urderer
9 August 2023
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By A Correspondent- A Mukumbura man who allegedly killed a woman and dumped the body in a bush has been arrested after confessing to the killing during a church service.

Lameck Masumukire (25) allegedly killed Petunia Gomo (20) in Mukumbura Village, Mashonaland Central on 5 August after suspecting she was bewitching him.

While police were still investigating, Masumukire made a confession at church.

Police did not reveal which of his fellow congregants snitched on him when they released a statement about his arrest.

“Police in Mukumbura have arrested Lameck Masumukire (25) in connection with a case of murder in which Petunia Gomo (20) was found dead in a bushy area near Senga Village, Chiswiti, Mukumbura on 05/08/23.