We Will Not Trim Traditional Leaders Powers – President Chamisa
16 August 2023
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Goromonzi West: President Chamisa’s Summary Speech:

Today, President Nelson Chamisa addressed one of the largest crowds in the history of Domboshava.

During his address he made a significant pledge to support the horticultural sector by establishing processing industries for locally grown products like tomatoes. This value addition initiative aims to create job opportunities and drive economic development in the area.

President Chamisa reassured the local chiefs that his government will not take away their land or authority, contrary to allegations made by propagandists. Instead, he promised to restore their dignity by providing them with decent benefits and recognizing the importance of traditional leadership. Furthermore, he expressed his commitment to constructing a state-of-the-art road network, as the current roads in the area are in dire condition with severe damage and potholes.

President Chamisa also pledged to establish tourism businesses in the area, as Domboshava is renowned for its attractive hills. By marketing and revitalizing these natural attractions, it will undoubtedly attract tourists to the area.

He also pledged to regularize residential stands and issue title deeds to the rightful owners.