Urgent Message Regarding Upcoming Elections in Zimbabwe: ZEM
22 August 2023
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Dear President Nelson Chamisa,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing on behalf of Zimbabwe Economic Movement (ZEM), a non-profit and non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to promoting positive change within our nation. Our mission is centered on eradicating corruption, upholding human rights, and creating a better future for Zimbabweans.

With the upcoming Presidential and other elections scheduled for 23 August 2023, we recognize the critical importance of this moment for our nation’s trajectory. As Zimbabweans, we stand at a crossroads after 44 years under ZANU rule. We firmly believe that our collective future hinges on a change in direction, one that prioritizes the well-being of our citizens and the stability of our nation.

The status quo has led us to a juncture where urgent reforms are essential to secure a brighter outcome for Zimbabwe. The prevailing economic conditions have sparked anger and desperation among our people, resulting in extreme measures taken out of sheer necessity.

As the election day draws near, we hold genuine concerns for the safety and well-being of all Zimbabweans. The atmosphere is charged, and the potential for heightened tensions is evident. In the face of such circumstances, we must unite to ensure the protection of every citizen.

Our fear is that the situation could escalate, leading to possible loss of innocent lives, abductions, and other forms of violence. In the face of these challenges, it falls upon each of us to play a role in safeguarding our nation’s integrity and the lives of its people.

In light of the imminent election and the potential challenges it poses, we humbly urge you to consider the following recommendations:

  1. Exercise caution when out late at night.
  2. Share your whereabouts with family members.
  3. Stay vigilant in all situations.
  4. Answer calls promptly, as they may convey critical information.
  5. Be mindful of the sources of food and drink you accept.
  6. Seek spiritual guidance and protection before commencing daily activities.
  7. Refrain from engaging in any form of political violence or intimidation.
  8. If danger arises, prioritize your safety and distance yourself.
  9. While we support the right to peaceful protest, consider the prevailing risks.
  10. Minimize participation in night gatherings.
  11. Reduce night driving due to potential risks.
  12. If your vehicle malfunctions at night, opt for public transport as a precaution.

We strongly encourage you to share this information widely with fellow Zimbabweans, regardless of proximity. The essence of unity lies in our collective efforts to ensure the safety and prosperity of our nation. In these trying times, the resilience and unity of our people are paramount.

May we continue to be guided by faith and optimism. Our thoughts are with you as you navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

With sincere regards,

Wamwari Devine Chaminuka Mafa
Founder, Zimbabwe Economic Movement (ZEM)

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