Chamisa MPs, Councilors Sworn-In
7 September 2023
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All the elected officials from Zimbabwe’s main opposition party, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), led by Nelson Chamisa, have been sworn in.

The party’s elected legislators and Harare councillors were sworn in today in the capital.
Bulawayo local authority officials did the same yesterday.

This follows confusion regarding the party’s stance on the swearing-in ceremony, as they have rejected the outcome of the August 23-24, 2023 elections.
The CCC rejected the results and cited irregularities such as delayed voting, ballot paper mix-ups, and voter intimidation. Observer missions, including the SADC Election Observer Mission, also noted these irregularities. The CCC has called for fresh elections to be supervised by an “impartial” body, such as SADC, the African Union, or the United Nations, rather than the perceived biased Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).