“Doves Funeral Services Fleeces 82yr Old Late Pensioner”
13 September 2023
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I would like to name and shame Doves Funeral services.

My 82 year old mother had a matured policy with them. She understood the need to have the policy kept updated and arranged for a monthly deduction from her pension. Doves collected this in $US from her pension.

My mother paased away on the 1st of September. I had a policy for my mother through Nyaradzo which offered better benefits so we opted to use Nyaradzo.

On her Doves policy the benefits were casket, grocery money and transport for mourners.

We approached Doves as we needed additional transport for mourners and the grocery money.

They flat out refused to honour the policy and said they would only pay out $150 grocery money in rtgs at bank rate. Transport they refused to provide.

They even claimed that my mother’s policy had arrears of $81000 even though they were collecting payment from her pension every month.

They just refused to pay out anything for my mother and I am now wondering if we had needed to use them what would they have offered.