Lecturer Arrested Over Drug Crime Allegations
22 September 2023
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at Mutare Polytechnic Arrested for Alleged Drug Supply Operation.

In a significant development this week, a lecturer employed at Mutare Polytechnic was apprehended in Dangamvura, Mutare, in connection with an alleged drug supply operation. The arrest not only led to the detention of the accused but also the seizure of over 200 bottles of Broncleer syrup with an estimated value of US$1,442.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Nobert Muzondo, confirmed the arrest of Nancy Tanyaradzwa Nyanzunda, aged 51, hailing from Gimboki 2, and her alleged accomplice, Prosper Munamwe, residing in the same neighborhood.

According to authorities, the duo stands accused of violating Section 29 of the Medicines and Allied Substances Act, Chapter 15:03.

The sequence of events began on September 18 when the Dangamvura Police Station’s intelligence detectives received a tip-off regarding Munamwe’s alleged sale of illegal syrup from his residence. Simultaneously, reports surfaced indicating that Nyanzunda was the supplier of the contraband Broncleer syrup.

In response to this information, law enforcement officials swiftly conducted a raid at Munamwe’s residence, recovering a quantity of the illicit substances. Subsequently, another search warrant was executed at Nyanzunda’s residence, where additional boxes of Broncleer syrup were uncovered.

Inspector Muzondo provided further details, stating, “On September 18, Nyanzunda and Munamwe were arrested at their respective places of residence for allegedly selling unregistered medicines. The two had over 200 x 100ml bottles of Broncleer syrup.”

Intriguingly, prior to the police searches, Munamwe voluntarily disclosed the presence of 56 x 100ml bottles of Broncleer in his wardrobe. Meanwhile, at Nyanzunda’s residence, a meticulous search yielded three boxes concealed behind her cottage, containing a total of 150 x 100ml bottles of Broncleer.

During subsequent interrogations, Nyanzunda purportedly revealed that she had received the drugs as a parcel from South Africa and had enlisted Munamwe to handle their sale on her behalf.

Both accused individuals were promptly escorted to ZRP Dangamvura Police Station, where a case pertaining to the sale or possession of unregistered medicines was officially lodged.

This arrest and the subsequent recovery of a substantial quantity of Broncleer syrup underscore the concerted efforts of law enforcement agencies in combating the illegal drug trade. As the investigation unfolds, the legal implications and consequences for the accused remain uncertain, and further developments in this case are eagerly anticipated.