CoS FRAUD: Zimbabwean Social Worker in Fired for Exploitative Labor Practices
25 September 2023
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By A Correspondent | A Zimbabwean male Social Worker in Northamptonshire has been dismissed from his position amid allegations of orchestrating a series of exploitative labor recruitments from Zimbabwe. The individual in question, Mr Wilbert William, has been held responsible for subjecting these workers to deplorable work conditions and hazardous housing arrangements, all while charging exorbitant sums of up to GBP10,000.

CoS FRAUD: Zimbabwean Social Worker in Fired for Exploitative Labor Practices

Workers who had embarked on the journey in search of better opportunities found themselves trapped in the UK, facing insufficient work hours that failed to provide them with a reasonable income. Moreover, they were left in dilapidated properties with loose electrical sockets posing serious safety risks, ZimEye reveals. (pictures).

A source within the West Northamptonshire Council management confirmed that William is no longer associated with the organization, stating, “I am afraid the gentleman you’ve referred to is no longer employed here,” they told ZimEye.

This development is expected to result in legal actions and potential compensation for the victims of these exploitative practices.

Wilbert William was contacted several times for over a week for a comment, but neither returned phonecalls nor replied written questions.

Wilbert William’s company, Line Of Sight Care, was contacted for a comment and the main director, Sandra Burrel said she cannot comment because she is in hospital and so other co directors would phone the ZimEye newsdesk on the day, which did not happen. 5 days later there is not a single message or phonecall from them.

“Oh, I think you got the wrong number,” she said, before being challenged on her position as the main director.

“Yes I am but I am actually off sick at the moment… so let me pass your number to one of the other directors to reach you,” she said.

Another Director reached by ZimEye, Samantha Gittins also claimed that Wilbert William has never worked for them.

The situation has raised concerns about the vulnerability of migrant workers and the urgent need for stricter oversight to prevent such incidents in the future.