Parirenyatwa Achieves Remarkable Success in Open Heart Surgery
28 September 2023
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Harare, Zimbabwe – In a remarkable display of medical excellence, local doctors have demonstrated their world-class capabilities by successfully performing 12 open heart surgeries out of 12 since resuming the procedure in June at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals in Harare.

Previously, the hospital ceased offering open heart surgery in 2018, forcing patients to seek treatment abroad, primarily in South Africa and India. However, the hospital has resumed these complex surgeries, and they are being provided free of charge for now.

During an update meeting attended by healthcare specialists, heart surgery patients, and journalists, the joy and relief among the patients were palpable. One patient, Ms. Gladys Ngoshi, who had suffered from heart problems for 34 years, shared her experience. “I was diagnosed with a heart problem when I was eight-years-old. My face and stomach would become swollen. In 2021, I had a heart attack and was told I needed surgery. I was scared, but the doctors reassured me,” Ms. Ngoshi said.

Other patients, like Ms. Stella Zuze and Mr. Courage Chimufombo, shared their stories of recovery and gratitude for the free open heart surgery program. Ms. Zuze, who initially faced age-related concerns, insisted on the surgery and is now in excellent health. Mr. Chimufombo praised President Mnangagwa for making the necessary machinery available for the surgeries.

Ms. Chipo Wezinani, a cross-border trader, expressed pride in Zimbabwean doctors. “I was treated well. I am proud of the Zimbabwean doctors. India and China are now in the country through our local doctors,” she stated.

Specialists cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons Dr. Simukayi Machawira, Dr. Wilfred Muteweye, and Dr. Kudzai Kanyepi lauded the success of the program and called for continued support and recognition. They urged patients to seek treatment locally and for medical aid companies to support the initiative.

Chief sister Ms. Spiwe Mandipa emphasized the rigorous preparation involved in these surgeries and celebrated the positive impact on patients’ lives.

Out of the 12 surgeries performed, one patient sadly passed away weeks later due to an unrelated ailment affecting the intestines. Notably, these life-saving surgeries in India typically cost between US$8,000 to US$15,000, depending on the complexity of the case.

This success marks the beginning of what healthcare professionals hope will be an expanding program, benefiting patients across Zimbabwe and showcasing the country’s medical prowess on a global scale.-state media