Dr Mzembi Speaks On Deepening Crisis
29 September 2023
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By Dr Mzembi Walter Mzembi

So the @SADC OMR is on the Agenda of the Troika they will decide which direction it follows from there but it simply cant be swept under the carpet.

A Presidency derives its legitimacy from voters , but even more importantly from endorsers who include those who did not vote for you ordinarily referred to as consensual legitimacy , then endorsers of processes , that is Observer Missions. Why invite them in the first place if their opinion is not important? But even more important is the Regional Guidelines on Elections themselves an extension of founding charters & treaties domesticated under our laws therefore part of our laws . A Country cannot simply ignore these and move along as if it’s business as usual. Therefore despite all pretense we saw how the President himself went on a charm offensive in New York to get his position understood . It is important for legitimacy without which a country limps along for the next five years instead of optimally serving its people .

The SADC OMR is not the enemy of Zimbabwe , it is infact an opportunity to unite the country by addressing all its pointers and recommendations that run contra to a free , fair and credible election , itself the basis of electoral legitimacy .

I conclude by restating that submitting to Peer Review is not a weakness it is infact a strength !