Mayor David Coltart Hits Ground Running
2 October 2023
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By A Correspondent| New Bulawayo Mayor Councilor David Coltart has hit the ground running after promising exemptions and waiver of charges on residents who take their refuse to the city landfill.

Coltart was elected to the position of Mayor of Bulawayo after the 23 August harmonised elections and has already made significant moves and decisions that has endeared him with residents of the country’s second largest city.

Posting on Twitter this morning, Coltart said residents who miss a collection or those who clean their own areas should be exempted from refuse collection charges.

“Please note that BCC will “waiver charges for all residents who take refuse collected during the Spring Clean Up program to the landfill.” On any other day, if you’ve missed a collection or a resident cleans around their area, you can can contact BCC offices to get exemption,” said Coltart.