Socialite Murdered After Jah Prayzah Gig
3 October 2023
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Sylvester Mabuda, affectionately known as Sly, met an untimely demise after a horrifying incident on the N4 Highway in Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg. Sly had just celebrated his 30th birthday over the weekend, marking the occasion with friends at the VVIP section of the Jah Prayzah show at Jacaranda Lounge. During the event, Sly, full of life and humor, jokingly asked a reporter to capture a picture to commemorate his birthday for publication in H-Metro. He was in the company of renowned promoter Felistas Chizororo of CC Promotions. Little did anyone suspect that this would be the last photo of the beloved socialite. After the Jah Prayzah show, around 1 am, Sly and his best friend, Larry Mushope, embarked on their journey back home to Pretoria. However, tragedy struck when they encountered a problem with their rear tire, leaving them stranded on the highway. Larry Mushope recalled the harrowing moment: “When we left, there was nothing amiss, we had traveled for about 20 kilometers when we felt that there was a problem with the rear tire. We had to stop as the car was now actually moving on the rim. We called for help from some of our friends, and in a flash, three men appeared from the dark.” These assailants were armed with broken bottles, guns, and knives. Two of them violently targeted Sly, while another approached Larry. The attackers assaulted them severely, robbed them of their belongings, and disappeared into the darkness of the bushes. Larry, dazed and injured, sought help from a nearby complex and returned with a security guard. Tragically, when they reached the car, Sly had succumbed to his injuries. The area where this horrific incident occurred has gained notoriety for its high crime rate, with reports of thugs using metal spikes to deflate car tires before launching attacks on motorists. It’s the same location where Zimbabwean Elvis Nyathi met a gruesome end in a xenophobic attack last year. Police and forensic experts are currently investigating the incident. Preliminary reports suggest that Sly may have died from a stab wound or gunshot wound, but a post-mortem examination is underway to determine the exact cause of death. Sly’s passing has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, as he was known for his unwavering support for artists from Zimbabwe and beyond. He leaves behind two children, and his family is already in Pretoria, making funeral arrangements to bid their final farewell to the beloved socialite.H Metro