Zanu PF Regime Totally Destroys Air Zimbabwe
3 October 2023
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Statement released by the Citizens Coalition for Change


The recent establishment of the Mutapa Investment Fund by the Harare regime warrants condemnation from all citizens.

This fund was not created to benefit the country’s economy or its citizens; instead, it serves as another scheme for looting that provides personal benefits to Mr. Mnangagwa, his relatives, and their close associates.

It is alarming to note that over 20 state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are now under the control of this illegal and fraudulent Investment Fund.

And these SOEs will not be subjected to the regulations outlined in the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act. It is critical that we voice our disapproval and advocate for fresh elections to prevent further misuse of power. #NotAnother5Years #FreshElectionsZW

Below are some of the state-owned enterprises under the Mutapa Investment Fund:

  • POSB
  • Netone Cellular
  • National Railways of Zimbabwe Holdings and NRZ Ltd
  • TelOne
  • Powertel
  • Allied Timbers
  • Telecel Zimbabwe
  • Defold Mine
  • Kuvimba
  • Silo Investments
  • National Oil Company of Zimbabwe
  • Cold Storage Commission
  • Petrotrade
  • Arda Seeds
  • Zimbabwe Power Company
  • Air Zimbabwe
  • Industrial Development Corporation
  • Cottco
  • AFC Limited
  • Hwange Colliery