Release Wiwa Now, Mzembi Pleads With Emmerson Mnangagwa
11 October 2023
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By Engineer Walter Mzembi

Prisoner of Conscience & Political Detainee @JobSikhala1 is not feeling well. To date I have received two very touching letters directly from him from inside prison on his illegal incarceration running to circa 500 days without bail . Blood in his stool is a bad signal , I have been through it and many public officials and many now late . I have referred quite a number of them from where I eventually sought help . A recently retired very top Civil Servant is also a frequent guest of this Institution that specializes in Gastrointestinal complications

. The Zimbabwean version of this turns out to
” colon cancer” in all diagnosed cases seems to be externally induced ( ordinarily referred to as ” poison”) . Dr Patson Dzamara got in touch with me a fortnight before his demise, we tried everything from crowd funding for the medical bills to referrals .

I expressly told him to fly out for expert medical intervention. He sought local surgical solutions and the rest is history.
From the Prison SOS issued by close family and his lawyer Harrison Nkomo , Job needs urgent diagnosis and treatment depending on the results but above all he needs his freedom from political persecution .

@edmnangagwa Mr President , you don’t need to deal with this when its too late exercise your compassion and empathy and let go .

Evidently no Judge wants to release Job for fear of repreissal .

You and You alone hold the Keys to his freedom , his life and good health.
Urgently consider Murambwi