CCC Has Imploded, Says Dr Mavaza
12 October 2023
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By Dr. Masimba Mavaza | The members of CCC find themselves in a state of uncertainty, with internal strife brewing and the absence of a constitution raising concerns.

This raises the question: Are citizens willing to tolerate violations of democratic rules and norms by incompetent political leaders?

A troubling pattern unfolds, as democracy withered in the MDC and now appears to be repeating in the CCC. An unsettling form of authoritarianism is taking root within the opposition, raising warning signs for Zimbabwe and its people. The party is fragmenting, and Chamisa is grappling with a significant setback.

The CCC’s landscape is marred by a wilderness, surrounded by a history of violence and the thicket of dictatorship disguised as opposition. The world pays little attention to the state of democracy within an opposition, allowing the CCC to tread upon democratic principles. Now, the repercussions are emerging.

Currently, the CCC is ensnared in confusion, with Chamisa walking a tightrope. The strategic ambiguity has become all the more ambiguous. The lack of clarity regarding the Secretary General’s role adds to the party’s woes, and the absence of a constitution and elected officials poses dangers that have been forewarned. Chamisa’s refusal to modernize his political party and adhere to democratic rules is evident, driven by his desire for multiple roles within the party.

This disregard for democratic norms is catching up with him, as a dispute over the Secretary General position emerges. It’s no surprise that the CCC is perceived as corrupt and incompetent.

The party, in 23 years, has failed to implement even a single significant democratic change, a primary task they were elected to accomplish. Undemocratic behavior from CCC’s leadership, particularly Chamisa, undermines democracy and erodes voter support. Competence alone cannot justify such behavior.

Blaming the speaker of parliament for performing their duties is misguided. The root issue is the lack of party structures and a constitution. This organizational chaos becomes apparent as CCC grapples with internal disputes.

What’s happening in the CCC now illustrates the consequences of a dictator turning against another dictator. The barbed-wire fence Chamisa erected through the heart of democracy has tarnished the party’s image.

Chamisa’s abandonment of MDC founders for student activists reflects poorly on his leadership. The disillusionment of CCC supporters and democratic-minded Zimbabweans is palpable.

The party, initially founded on democratic principles, has decayed and clings to its name. Biti, once part of the MDC, now faces the consequences of being sidelined by Chamisa.

The irony is that those who claim to champion African democracy are undermining it. Chamisa has fenced himself into power and incited youth to promote violence against challengers.

The CCC’s failure to live up to its democratic promise is evident, and it has essentially abandoned the principles it was founded upon. As the 2023 elections approach, internal divisions and power struggles threaten to tear the party apart.

Chamisa’s undemocratic tendencies and stubbornness have ignited opposition within the CCC, particularly related to the MP’s fund saga. The party’s lack of clear organization, principles, and credibility damages its prospects on both domestic and international fronts.

CCC’s resemblance to a pressure group rather than a political party is striking. They lack a coherent ideology, a constitution, and any sense of purpose. Their love for money over national interest undermines their credibility and leadership.

Inviting chaos and turmoil is not a trait of responsible opposition. No credible opposition thrives on harming its own country. Self-respect is a principle that CCC seems to lack, and this attitude does not inspire respect from others.

Government preparedness and patriotism are vital for a political outfit, especially one aiming to govern. CCC’s lack of these attributes disqualifies them from being a suitable government.

Their incapability to produce a constitution or understand governance further illustrates their unpreparedness. Their disregard for institutions and lack of maturity for governance are evident.

The ongoing events reveal that trust in Chamisa may have been misplaced. Lack of democracy within the CCC is alarming, and Chamisa’s refusal to step down in the face of defeat is concerning.

Allowing a ruthless, unchecked populist to govern, as seen with Chamisa, can lead to dire consequences. Zimbabwe must pay heed to these warning signs.

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