Luke Petros Faces Arrest For Punching Referee
17 October 2023
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Tenax coach Luke Petros is facing arrest after punching the referee at the end of his side’s Eastern Region Soccer League match against Grayham at Chiremba Stadium on Saturday.

The former Warriors striker punched referee Blessing Tauro on the nose after the final whistle, accusing the match official of not awarding Tenax a late penalty.

The aftermath of the match, which ended goalless, was marred by violence as Tenax players took turns to assault the referee and his two assistants, according to match commissioner Ian Karoto’s report.

“When the referee blow the whistle to end the match at 90 minutes, Tenax FC technical occupancy walked into the field shouting abusively to Tauro the referee. Coach Luke Petros punched a fist to the referee, I also identified Bumbate Sam who was wearing jersey number 16 jumping to the referee,” reads part of the report.

“As the police was trying to calm the situation, I identified Mathew Wuraya and other player chasing the two assistant referee Chirigo and Mujoni who went and hide in the local. After the situation was calm we had to regroup at Ruwa police station. Tauro identified Luke Petros, Bumbate Sam no16, Jukulile Takudzwa no8. All were reported to police.”

Residents in Ruwa had to shield the match officials, who then reported the matter to the police, leading to the opening of a docket.

Eastern Region Soccer League chairman Davison Muchena condemned the behaviour of Petros and the Tenax players involved in the fiasco.-Soccer24 News