LEAKED MILITARY AUDIO: Chamisa Wasn’t Removed By Tshabangu, But By An Award Winning Journalist
19 October 2023
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By Farai D Hove | Once upon a time, in the heart of the nation, an award-winning journalist named Mark Anderson [not real name] stood as a beacon of hope for those who believed in the power of truth and justice.

His reputation for exposing state corruption had made him a household name, and his voice resonated with the people who longed for a brighter future.

From July 2020, Mark Anderson began a series of scathing articles, televised exposés, and radio interviews. He pointed a finger at the highest levels of government, uncovering scandals that shook the very foundation of the nation. He was relentless, a fierce guardian of the people’s interests, or so it seemed.

As the months passed, his revelations grew bolder, and his audience larger. Later on in January 2023, he made a statement that sent shockwaves across the nation. In an undisputed leaked audio recording with a well known senior military intelligence officer, Mark Anderson could be heard berating the nation’s opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa. He accused Chamisa of being an incompetent party leader, a man who should be ousted from his position.

He even emphasised saying Chamisa must be removed because according to him, he is incompetent.

Anderson’s rage and determination was revealed as the recording continued. In it, he was heard making an announcement that the opposition party would split into two factions shortly after the 2023 elections. This was a shocking twist, as Anderson had been a staunch supporter of the opposition, or so it seemed.

But the events of the second week of October told a different story. The statement he made was not the result of his investigative journalism, but a well-crafted design to sow discord within the opposition party. He had used his platform and reputation to manipulate public opinion, all the while secretly conspiring against those who had trusted him.

As the nation grappled with this revelation, Anderson’s own words came back to haunt him. He had often criticized Chamisa for his frequent references to Bible verses, claiming it showed an obsession rather than true leadership. But now, it was Mark Anderson’s words and actions that were under scrutiny.

By February 2023, he would admit that he truly directed the country’# coup leader Constantino Chiwenga to regularly meet civil society leaders in order to reduce tension, at a time when UN investigations revealed there was no tension whatsoever, other than military crackdowns against civilians since Aug 2018, and into the 2019 shootings, during a time when multiple civil society reports say he leaked the addresses of safe houses of torture victims to the military, allegations that are undenied by him.

The journalist had turned from a champion of truth into a master manipulator, using his influence to destabilize the very opposition he had claimed to support. His fall from grace was swift, and the nation was left to grapple with the consequences of his treachery.

In an over 33 minute audio recording which went viral in January 2022, Mr Hopewell Chin’ono is heard saying, the CCC is splitting and Chamisa is incompetent because he has failed to tell people to go register to vote.

“He(Chamisa) spends time tweeting Bible verses instead of telling people go register to vote,” says Chin’ono to the man, audibly identified as Bruce.

Chin’ono then says, ” he himself (Chamisa) did not even come out to tell people to go register.”

A large database of live videos shows that in 2022, alone, Chamisa personally commissioned 964 meetings, and he is on various footage loudly urging and ordering people to go register to vote. 62 of these meetings were either disrupted of cancelled by ZANU PF authorities and some violently crushed. Many party members were killed during Chamisa’s campaigns for people to register to vote.

Chin’ono would later in January publicly announce on Twitter that the CCC and its leader, Chamisa, have not launched any voter registration campaign programs.

“The opposition hasn’t yet mounted an official voter registration campaign, yet it wants power.

“On this day, nothing has changed yet from yesterday, 2022,” he said on Twitter on 1 Jan 2023.

Chin’ono has confirmed the viral 33 minute audio as he joined his colleague Kuda Musasiwa on Twitter in saying there is no new information in the leaked audio.

“Vanopenga ava Mhofu! The level of desperation is embarrassing!,” said Chin’ono conjoining to, ” It’s absolute stupidity that someone “leaks” voice recording of @daddyhope when his free thoughts are always freely available on his personal timeline. When I want to know what Daddy Hope thinks I’ll look at his timeline. Not some clandestine “sting” with zero new information!”

To this, Musasiwa then said Chin’ono should not be afraid to speak his mind.

“Absolute madness. I have never seen you afraid to speak for yourself.

“Any(way) f*** them. Desperation,” he wrote.


In the ever-evolving political landscape of the nation, the saga took another unexpected twist. Nelson Chamisa, once the revered leader of his party, found himself at the center of a controversy that had been brewing since January 2023. The catalyst for this new chapter was a leaked audio recording that surfaced around October 10th.

In the recording, a voice eerily similar to that of Chamisa’s deputy could be heard. The speaker did not mince words, expressing discontent with the prevailing belief that Chamisa still held the party’s respect. “Anga apera ega,” he remarked, suggesting that Chamisa’s influence had waned considerably.

The bombshell came when the voice announced that they would soon issue a tweet declaring that they were no longer the president of anything. This announcement coincided with a tweet by none other than Chamisa’s former deputy, Tendai Biti. The political world watched in stunned silence as Biti’s tweet mirrored the words of the voice in the leaked audio.

The implication was clear: Chamisa’s party was in turmoil, and a divide had grown between the former leader and his deputy, Biti. It was a dramatic turn of events, especially given the accusations that had been leveled at Biti in Hopewell Chin’ono’s undisputed audio back in January 2023.

Biti had been accused of undermining Chamisa’s leadership, and the party’s impending split was said to be a direct result of their bitter rivalry. At the time of writing, Biti had yet to offer his response to the revelations, leaving the nation in suspense and uncertainty regarding the future of the opposition party.

The story serves as a stark reminder that the world of politics is rife with shifting allegiances, hidden agendas, and ever-changing dynamics. The impact of this revelation would reverberate throughout the nation’s political landscape, leaving citizens and observers alike wondering what the future would hold.