Hopewell Chin’ono Blames Chamisa For Mnangagwa’s Bloody War On Structures Since 1975-2023, “Nelson Must Clean Up His Mess”
5 November 2023
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Mnangagwa Beds Tongogara’s Sister To Infiltrate ZANLA Structures, Nearly Kills Bob By 1980 While Crashing ZANU Structures, Destroys ZAPU Structures, Floors Zambia Govt Structures, Assassinates President Levy Mwanawasa, Deploys ZDF To Collapse Tsvangirai, Nelson Chamisa Structures, And Then Blames Nelson For Failing To Reveal Own Structures.

Vicious commentator and self appointed Zim community “Daddy”, Hopewell Chin’ono says Nelson Chamisa should have formed party structures in order to save his CCC party, which he says has now gone over to a rogue state assisted fellow, Mr Sengezo Tshabangu.

Chin’ono has continued his 4 year war on Chamisa, in which he accuses him of being bribed by Western embassies, and his MPs of getting bribed USD40,000 by ZANU PF, at a time when he himself (Chin’ono) has totally failed to disclose the name of the British bank he says granted him a sportscar-lifestyle at 25 through a GBP50,000 car loan in 1996, during the days his closest friends were convicted of money laundering and cheque fraud.

Legal analysts speaking to ZimEye yesterday said Chamisa’s career has actually started.

He is joined by former Norton MP Temba Mliswa.

Writing on Saturday, Chin’ono and Mliswa oppose the common view that states that no matter what Chamisa does, his political party structures will still be targeted for attack by his opponent, Emmerson Mnanagwa (a boasting “trained to kill and destroy” saboteur who infiltrated ZANLA structures by bedding its general Josiah Tongogara’s sister in 1975, killing him within 5 years, and almost assassinating party president Robert Mugabe by March 1980, according to unchallenged allegations by former First Lady Grace Mugabe), (Mnangagwa) who has this time spent the last 6 years deploying soldiers to shoot, and judges to rule Chamisa’s party structures down, right up until the day Chamisa has had to start a new party altogether.

Between 1983 and 1987, Mnangagwa created the country’s first-Tshabangu, the state mercenary, Richard Gwesela as an excuse so to kill 30,000 people while destroying ZAPU structures.

He even kidnapped 6 white visiting tourists just so to blame opponent Joshua Nkomo and start a war on the latter’s party.

In 2008, after ZANU PF was defeated by Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC’T party, Mnangagwa deployed the military to assassinate Zambia’s president Levy Mwanawasa, plus hundreds of opposition supporters. As a result, Zambia government structures had to be reformed.

In 2018, Mnangagwa personally deployed his bodyguards to execute a coup on Nelson Chamisa, kill 6 and rape many election agents so to change the election results and afterwards totally dissipate Nelson Chamisa’s party structures. Chamisa ended up forming a new party called the Citizens Coalition for Change. After Chamisa ran an obfuscation defence mechanism over his new structures, Mnangagwa has created the latest saboteur Mr. Sengezo Tshabangu, with whom he is now accusing Chamisa of losing a court case because of ‘failure at setting up structures.’

Temba Mliswa on his full thread wrote saying: “The High Court has released its judgement and a precedent has been set. CCC effectively belongs to Tshabangu. As I have been saying for long all the MPs and Cllrs for Chamisa should immediately resign so that they can contest and return under a new opposition party.

“CCC is effectively gone! Let them have an immediate Congress, structure themselves properly and contest the by-elections as a new party. This wapusa wapusa thing, in an environment such as ours, is only fodder for the opponents. Be structured, have order.

“Otherwise as things stand Tshabangu is the main man running CCC. It’s very likely that some current MPs& Cllrs won’t agree to the resignation approach. They would rather talk to Tshabangu. We saw that last time with Douglas Mwonzora. The timid& selfish refused to switch sides.

“However as a nation this incident is pathetic. We are wasting a lot of time on politics and politicking instead of national development. So much money will be wasted on running the by-elections while various sectors of the country such as Health and Education are in dire state.

“Secondly, the opposition should introspect and learn lessons going forward. In terms of performance they have left a lot to be desired. I was in Parliament and I can confidently state that ZANU-PF was more concerned about my effect and impact than many opposition MPs.

“They are supposed to hold Gvt to account and be effective at doing so. I always cite @EFFSouthAfrica & how formidable it has become even though it is smaller than CCC. It packs a punch in terms of running a narrative, impact and ideological forthrightness.

“You can never be confused about the EFF’s position on any matter. Even as this judgement has come out we should be seeing a wave of resignations& actions of solidarity among those who still remain. When your principles are trashed being radical should be intuitive.

“Yet the opposition here is so fickle& tepid that many shall strike deals with Tshabangu to continue being MPs& Clrs. A principled opposition should be ready to discard all to protect the higher goal. Everyone should reassemble for a united attack again.

“Thirdly these shenanigans are a by-product of shambolic internal primaries, the shady consensus model. Chamisa simply failed to navigate that part. You can’t suddenly& simply dump brilliant minds like Biti, Welshman, Phulu etc and think you can get away with it.

“Not that I’m saying they are a Tshabangu cabal but that act of dumping them sowed seeds of internal divisions. Now they are all quiet and effectively left Chamisa to run with the wrong strategy and now look where the party is.

“If it is the party position not to contest by-elections; the recalled members can stand as Independent. I’m sure they will win. If I still had interest in politics at that level I could fancy my chances too. However I’m over it and I am onto other things.”

Meanwhile, Chin’ono writes his own thread saying:
“1. The High Court of Zimbabwe has ruled against the Recalled CCC Members of Parliament.
It was always going to be tough, but DON’T leave the door open for your enemies!

“It was known and it was always said so many times that running a political party without a constitution or a structured leadership was going to expose the genuine CCC to what has tragically happened today, it was repeatedly said.

“ZANUPF was always going to facilitate for any disgruntled CCC member to do what happened today, ZANUPF controls parliament.

“When this was raised many times before and after the elections, those who raised this point were insulted and told to either form their own parties where they could have party constitutions, or they were told that there is a plan.

“It is therefore pointless to belabour the political and legal points that were already mentioned in the past warning Nelson Chamisa and CCC of the dangerous that lay ahead because of their chosen path which they called Strategic Ambiguity.

“The first thing to say is that Nelson Chamisa was terribly advised, how could his legitimate Recalled MPs go to court and yet CCC the party that they they belong to is not in court to support their assertions?

“That is a question for Nelson Chamisa and CCC to answer.

“At this point we must accept that there is a problem in Zimbabwe where both the opposition and ruling parties don’t want to be told what they should hear, they want political analysts and journalists to say what they want to hear.

“There is no shortage of so called political analysts and journalists who are happy to push dishonest partisan “analysis” misleading the reading public and party supporters.

“There is also no shortage of those who want that propaganda.

“Zimbabwe is a dictatorship, any political party other than ZANUPF that wants to survive must not open itself up to state institution abuse by ZANUPF and then say, “…but the law says this.”

“Let ZANUPF abuse state institutions in ridiculous ways, but don’t give it plausible reasons for doing so.
A dispute in CCC has been ruthlessly exploited by ZANUPF.

“Genuine analysts and journalists know that Tshabangu has handlers in CCC, and that ZANUPF has taken advantage of the fallout.

“What now from here?

“Chamisa has a duty to defend the space in by-elections, he messed up, he must correct and clean up his mess.

“My immediate thought is that all the Recalled MPs must contest as INDEPENDENTS, and Chamisa must campaign for them, we will support them because it is democracy that is on trial not Nelson Chamisa.

“As one of the world’s leading political scientists Steven Levisky has always said, CONTEST ALL ELECTIONS no matter how unfair the terrain is unless if you have a plan.
ZANUPF should never be allowed to get any of those parliamentary seats, it would be a political tragedy.

“We all know the fatal mistakes that Chamisa and his advisors made, but let us look beyond them and defend these seats first, then resolve the rest later.

“It is lazy thinking blaming ZANUPF for everything, even for things that you could have avoided.

“Chamisa said that he had a plan, any sane person operating on rational reasoning should accept without BUTs and IFs that the said plan FAILED.

“CCC is now gone, Chamisa has to build a new home with a constitution and leadership structures.

“Please note that top leadership structures are different from grassroots structures.

“A party’s leaders must be known otherwise another Tshabangu will come and claim to be the Secretary General.
Tshabangu exploited the loopholes and got away with it.

“A lot of people around Chamisa accept that reality and the mistakes made, they just don’t have the courage that some of us have of saying it publicly.
There is a reason why some people succeed and some don’t, it is the ability to acknowledge the truth and learn from your mistakes.

“Ordinarily ALL CCC MPs should resign, that way they can build a new party with genuine cadres and constitution.

“But will they have the courage to resign?”