Disgusting Picture Of Mnangagwa’s Married-Girlfriend Exposing Her Legs On Camera With Him
9 November 2023
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Zimbabweans Outraged by Attorney General’s Flagrant Display of Impudence.

By Dorrothy Moyo | HARARE, ZIMBABWE – Zimbabweans are expressing outrage over a recent photograph of Attorney General Virginia Mabhiza sitting uncomfortably close to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, with her uncovered legs on full display. The incident has been widely condemned as disrespectful and a sign of the growing disregard for public decency.

Mabhiza, a married woman, has enjoyed close ties with Mnangagwa since her days as his personal secretary at the Justice Ministry during the Robert Mugabe era. Her promotion to the powerful position of Attorney General has raised eyebrows, with many questioning her integrity.

The photograph in question was taken on the day she was sworn in. In the image, Mabhiza is seen sitting side-by-side with the president, her legs exposed right up to the underwear window, while the man putting on a chuckly face appears trying to look away. Her posture has been described as “flagrant” and “impudent.”

She was photographed this week with the ZANU PF President 48 hours after he was put to order at the just ended extra-ordinary summit in Luanda Angola, a meeting he sprung out of complaining that he is no longer presidential level, the leaders of other countries want him to behave like a president (referenced as a priest), when he is just far below the standard- he is an unconvertible sinner. “No, these things happen in society, not everybody is a priest,” said Emmerson Mnangagwa, while his political journalist Ruben Barwe was frantically trying to coach him on what to say on camera, to avoid the embarrassment.

In the picture, Virginia Mabhiza flagrantly exposes her uncovered flesh up to the underwear window seen to the camera view of the whole country.

Ordinarily such pictures are accompanied with a warning to viewers, according to broadcasting standards and institutions like Potraz would be on the task to put sanctions on the state media journalists, but none of that has neen done.

Mabhiza now takes over the powerful role of Attorney General.

About their affair, ZimEye has engaged Mrs Virginia Mabhiza and Mr Mnangagwa for a lengthy period to obtain their most comprehensive comments, and efforts have not been forthcoming. At one time, when Mabhiza told ZimEye via phone through her lawyer that she is not Mnangagwa’s girlfriend, ZimEye asked her to explain on what other basis she released Emmerson Mnangagwa’s brother in law, a notorious convicted armed robber, Paradzayi Kutyauripo if it was not that she is Mnangagwa’s girlfriend. She did not reply this last question.

Kutyauripo has in recent months been catapulted to government and is now the Director of all State House properties across the country, the buildings where election rigging agents run to hide since the 1st August 2018 military crackdown.

Zimbabweans have taken to social media to express their disgust at Mabhiza’s behavior. Many have questioned her professionalism and suitability for her position. Others have criticized Mnangagwa for failing to set a better example for his ministers.

“This is not the behavior we expect from our leaders,” said one social media user. “It’s disrespectful to the country and to the office of the Attorney General.”

“She should be ashamed of herself,” wrote another user. “She’s a disgrace to Zimbabwe.”

The incident has also sparked renewed calls for Mnangagwa to address corruption within his government. Many Zimbabweans believe that Mabhiza’s promotion is a sign of favoritism and cronyism.

Emmerson Mnangagwa with hia married girlfriend on Monday

“This is just another example of how Mnangagwa is rewarding his friends and cronies,” said one political analyst. “It’s a slap in the face to the people of Zimbabwe.”

Mnangagwa has yet to comment on the incident.- ZimEye