Army Of Officers Deployed To Defend Mnangagwa’s Married-Girlfriend Who Jailed Job Sikhala
23 November 2023
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VIDEO: Moreblessing Ali’s ghost vs Mnangagwa’s married girlfriend in Harare?

By A Correspondent | Emmerson Mnangagwa’s married girlfriend, Virginia Mabhiza will forever regret the day (20th June 2022) she shoved herself into the Harare magistrates court premises to secretly converse with the prosecutor persecuting the slain mum of two Moreblessing Ali’s lawyer, Job Sikhala.

Is this LIVE karma? – A womens rights organisation is struggling to function for over a week of embarrassing itself incident after incident while trying to defend Emmerson Mnangagwa’s married girlfriend to the point that another institution, the Voluntary Media Council’s senior officers were also caught on camera by ZimEye shifting contradictory statements in the sway of trying to block the ghost (or plight) of the slain CCC mother, Moreblessing Ali, whose lawyer remains in jail for more than a year.

The development began on the 15th Nov, and in the below footage the Voluntary Media Council changes statements about video recordings while holding a hearing in which the Women’s Rights NGO that never criticised Herald, ZBC reports harrassing the slain Moreblessing Ali’s lawyer Job Sikhala and her mourning family, is complaining on behalf of
Emmerson Mnangagwa’s married girlfriend who is behind the jailing of Sikhala, (the NGO) saying the ZANU PF leader’s girlfriend was harrassed by an article that criticises her moral values, as the nation’s new Attorney General, who is also responsible for releasing a dangerous armed robber, and constantly turns her back on weaker women like Moreblessing Ali.

The Women’s Coalition Of Zimbabwe, bolted out of the hearing when they said they do not want it to be video recorded, which action denied Zimbabweans the right to witness the ends of their dramatic behaviour which began last week when they sent an army of officers to their first hearing which they also abruptly pulled out of, after changing statements.

On that day, Wed 15 Nov 2023, there was drama at the VMCZ’s Harare offices when a contingent of officers were deployed to the media council’s building to claim that Mnangagwa’s married girlfriend was harrassed in a recent ZimEye story by Dorrothy Moyo, and the large delegation froze in their tracks when Simba Chikanza demanded that the meeting be live streamed.

Simba Chikanza also stressed that the officers be filmed and be name tagged whenever they address the council, at every point.

In what might be a first of firsts in Zimbabwean history, the large delegation from WCOZ is representing the interests of the most powerful woman in government, Virginia Mabhiza who was recently appointed the nation’s Attorney General, a promotion from her previous powerful role as Mnangagwa’s personal secretary at the Justice Ministry.

Soon after Chikanza’s demand that the meeting be recorded since the Women’s Coalition Of Zimbabwe’s complaint was a world wide appeal rather than a VMCZ one, the officers appeared to change tact, and announced that they had come to the meeting not knowing it would be a public hearing.

Chikanza who was flanked by Moreblessing Ali’s sister Tafadzwa, expressed concern saying that the officers were not sincere since they could not have travelled all the way to the VMCZ’s office in Milton Park in their large number to hold a private meeting since the invitation to the meeting was an extention of their own public engagement.

Chikanza also called out the Womens Coalition Of Zimbabwe over their failure to particularise their allegations since their press statement announced the previous Sunday was responded to within hours of its publishing with requests to particularise their allegations.

“There is not even one of these allegations that had been particularised, and how could they have travelled as an army to a private meeting when their press statement is quite public affair?,” Chikanza asked.

ZimEye has evidence that Mabhiza is more than a girlfriend to Mr Mnangagwa, and yet neither the NGO nor Mrs Mabhiza have ever challenged or disputed this evidence.

ZimEye will broadcast the hearings in their entirely. Among all NGOs, it is only the US based Phumulani Minnesota African Women Against Violence that has done broad based advocacy for Moreblessing Ali to the point of donating money for drone technology to search for her remains when the police were doing nothing to find her. Phumulani, led by its Director Comfort Dondo, has also worked to intervene during the moments the VMCZ was trying to block video recordings.

Also attending the meetings was documentary film maker, Caroline Makamache.

The VMCZ’s conduct raises concern as this is not their first hearing that is below human standard. 2 months ago they blocked villagers dispossessed of their land from attending a VMCZ hearing while they allowed headman to threaten violence on journalists in an attempt to reverse a well researched factual story that is based on court rulings finding him (the headman) culpable. This time seeing a case as serious as the Moreblessing Ali one, a news contributor has caricatured the VMCZ calling it: the Voluntary Mafia Council Of Zimbabwe.

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