“We are committed to assist find missing persons”: ZRP
23 November 2023
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By A Correspondent- The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) takes cases involving missing persons seriously and is making strides to assist relatives in search of their loved ones within and outside the country, it said yesterday.

Zimbabwe yesterday participated in the International Conference for Families of Missing Persons, a unique forum that brings together families whose loved ones went missing due to conflicts, migration, or other situations of violence.

Zimbabwe has recorded several cases of missing persons including political and human rights activists such as Itai Dzamara, among others.

Approximately 700 families of missing persons from all over the world are meeting to share their experiences and gain inspiration.

Speaking at the conference hosted by the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society in Harare yesterday, ZRP Assistant Commissioner Crispen Lifa said it was their mandate to ensure that thorough investigations for those that are missing are carried out.

He said urged citizens to report all cases of missing persons at the nearest police stations around the country so that it is recorded and the investigations are carried out.

“Whether it’s a missing person within the borders of Zimbabwe or it’s a missing person beyond the borders, police officers are there to assist and investigate.

“In most cases we are dealing with someone who has gone beyond the borders, we engage our Interpol and they ensure that they make follow ups,” Lifa said.

He said the public should ensure that they bring accurate information, which the police will then use to make follow up searches.

Zimbabwe Red Cross Society secretary general Elias Hwenga said the event marked a significant milestone in their joint efforts to provide solace, support, and crucial information to families affected by the heart-wrenching experience of having a loved one go missing.

“This conference offers a unique opportunity for families to be part of a global solidarity network, providing strength through unity.

“This platform will also provide a chance for dialogues with Red Cross and Red Crescent practitioners globally, allowing an understanding of search processes and associated challenges,” Hwenga said in a speech read on his behalf by the society’s human resources and administration director Geshum Hombarume.

He said the meeting served as a conduit for government authorities to establish or reestablish connections with families, fostering ongoing support even in the absence of immediate updates. NewsDay