Trevor Ncube Involved In Car Accident At-The-Mouth While Accusing Chamisa Of Dictatorship
25 November 2023
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By Farai D Hove | The AMH Owner, Trevor Ncube has been involved in an embarassing incident-at-the mouth-while-criticising CCC President, Nelson Chamisa.

Ncube was speaking to one of his journalists, Blessed Mhlanga in an interview when he car crashed at the lips.

In the video, he says::

“I said to him- Nelson.
If you come up with politics of tribalism of being dictatorial, of having a kitchen cabinet and not listen to anybody I am not going to support you. “

“Oh no mkoma I have learnt and so forth, I am going to listen to what people are saying,” Chamisa replied, Ncube claims.

He continues saying, ” I said I wish you well!”

” And we continued and we invited him for board, dinner, and that kind of stuff but I realized down the line, the young man does not listen to anybody, he doesn’t listen to anybody,” charged Ncube.

He continued piling accusations up to the time when he had a car-accident-at-the-mouth, and instantly chucked out debris-cluster of words of Ncube somewhat actually explosing himself over an attempt to kill Chamisa’s spirit.

“Creating a cross politicisation,” says Ncube, suggesting that Chamisa must contaminate his political DNA so he connects to the ZANU PF bandwidth of morality.

Ncube is a Mnangagwa in law partner in his publishing business, and he is also a former special advisor to the president, who is arguably Africa’s worst tribalism with over 30,000 Ndebeles in the grave because of him, according to historians and analysts.