Kariba Dam Water Levels Drop Down
27 November 2023
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By Farai D Hove | ZimEye | In an announcement, the Zambezi River Authority has disclosed a significant decrease in the water levels of the Kariba Dam. The authority’s statement on Monday revealed that the lake level has dwindled to 477.54m, reflecting a 14.16% usable storage, as of November 27, 2023. This is in stark contrast to the 476.10m level, with only 4.19% usable storage, recorded on the same date last year.

The Kariba Lake, a vital source for hydropower generation, is designed to operate within the range of 475.50m to 488.50m, incorporating a 0.70m freeboard. The current levels approaching the lower limit of this range raise concerns about the sustainability of hydropower production in the region.

This decline in water levels underscores the pressing need for heightened water management strategies and conservation efforts. Authorities are likely to closely monitor the situation, considering the potential impact on energy generation and the broader ecosystem. As the region grapples with changing environmental conditions, the Kariba Dam’s diminishing levels emphasize the delicate balance between energy needs and sustainable resource management.- ZimEye